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  1. whited00r is "not compatible" with Ipod 2G
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  3. iPod 1G suddenly completely dead
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  7. Stuck on Apple logo (Boot L00p)
  8. ATM freezes when exiting
  9. Battery is decreasing while charging
  10. iPhone 2G WD7.1 Wifi not working properly - Scanning but no networks found
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  13. Fix Ipod 2g Tapping Itself (help!)
  14. Dropped iPhone 3G, white screen - What to do?
  15. iphone 3g and i tunes problems
  16. Whited00r 7.1 Iphone 3G Battery Drain
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  19. iPod touch 1G not booting/not recognized by computer after restoring to WD7
  20. Broken motherboard on iPhone 3G
  21. iPhone 3G With Broken Home Button Unable to Jailbreak
  22. Iphone3g Update FW Downgrade BB and install WD7.1 with broken home button.
  23. iPod Touch 1g startup loop and not being recognized in DFU mode?
  24. iPhone 2G with dead wifi, will I still be able to install WD 7?
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  29. Microphone only works in call on WD7.1 iPhone 3G
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  31. Best way to clean you iPhone's screen?
  32. Sound does not work on WD7.1 iPhone 3G - Crashes and not playing issues
  33. [Solved] Broken Power or Home Buttons and entering DFU mode
  34. iPhone 1st gen unable to make calls after restoring to stock from WD
  35. iPhone 3G WD7.1 Not Charging, Overheating, and Has Less Battery Life
  36. iPhone 3g wd 7.1 Bluetooth not turning on [solved but not fixed]
  37. iPhone 3g doesn't ring when somebody calls
  38. iPhone 3G WD7.1 Unstable With White Screen & System Hangs
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  40. iPhone 3G Battery Whited00r 6 vs. standard 3.1.3
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  42. How to perform hard reset without power button ?
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  44. iPhone 3g stuck in dim apple logo loop after trying to downgrade baseband
  45. MOVED: SBSettings and Whited00r settings for cellular data not enabling data
  46. WD7 iPhone 3G Doesn't boot past low battery charging screen
  47. iPod touch 2nd generation does not turn on
  48. USB cable problems - Not connecting with certain cables
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  50. Not charging to 100% overnight iPhone 3G