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  1. I guess we can say whited00r.. is DEAD.
  2. i called it
  3. What is the point?
  4. A way to send data faster to ios
  5. Where the hell are yall?
  6. I Hope you guys are doing well.
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  13. If this works we can revive all the old devices
  14. Im back i guess?
  15. Can't make passcode dots transparent
  16. Grayd00r theme for Whited00r?
  17. I DELETED BY MISTAKE SYSTEM FILES! Who can help, please post the file in the comments! My ipod is br
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  24. Introduce yourself
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  26. Is Whited00r Still Being Developed?
  27. Didn't back up photos/contacts before a restore, any way to get them back?
  28. refinishing old hardwood floors
  29. Error 1601 while installing whited00r
  30. Need Nike + App For Whited00r and Need more features in Assistive Touch
  31. ATM HACK/TRICK!!! Download and install apps in background mode!
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  36. Delete option works in folders?!
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  38. How to put all the apps in background automaticly
  39. Changes won't show after editing .artwork?...
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  41. Alternative to Winterboard on iOS 3.1.3?
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  44. Need help extracting keyboard .artwork files
  45. Whited00r is dead
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  47. grayd00r
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