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  2. [SOLVED] Experiencing problems watching videos in Whited00r
  3. Search bar bug
  4. Passcode lock bug
  5. Cannot swipe up apps in app switcher
  6. Unlock and icon animation in Whited00r 7.1
  7. unable to add firmware with reddoor version not compatable,
  8. MOVED: Built in YouTube player stopped working
  9. Battery Drain faster WD 3.1.3 Firrmware
  10. WD7 on iPhone 3G Missed Call Bug/Incoming Call Bug
  11. Bug with respringing on incoming calls still present on Whited00r 7.1.2
  12. Incoming Call Crash Bug - 3 Syslog Reports
  13. WD7.1 Bugs on 1st gen iPhone
  14. Backgrounder won't work in whited00r 7?
  15. Switch control center toggles on WD7?
  16. Srpingboard crash caused by double swipe
  17. Contacts App Disappears then iPod resets
  18. Something in WD7 makes a connection on reboot?
  19. In Safemode on 3.1.3 nothing works
  20. [Solved] Whited00r 7.1 cellular data not turning off
  21. Folder Crash log
  22. WD7.1 crashes to safemode even while I'm not doing anything
  23. [Solved] Music App Crashes On Song Ending on WD7.1
  24. Portrait orientation lock shows as enabled when not & Wifi Issues on WD7
  25. MOVED: iTunes sync errors, GPS and bluetooth not functioning on Whited00r 7.1 iPhone 3G
  26. [Solved] No music scrubbing on iPhone 3G WD7.1?
  27. Whited00r Settings stuck at applying changes on WD7.1 iPod Touch 2G MC
  28. White squares on lock screen passcode WD 7.1 - Unable to make it transparent
  29. Odd bug with Assistive Touch :D
  30. WD7.1 Graphical Bugs - White on white text, Old texture images, & More
  31. Unable to view location in maps app - crashes to home screen on WD7.1
  32. WD7.1 Huge icons on home screen after trying to delete app in folder !
  33. Crash on passcode cancel in WD7.1 iPod touch 1G
  34. [READ BEFORE POSTING] Whited00r 7.1.x Bug tracker thread
  35. Mailbox back button misspelled in Mail App on WD7.1
  36. Collection of WD 7.1 bugs
  37. iOS 3.1.3/WD7.x Crash reporter compatibility issues [DO NOT UPDATE]
  38. [some what solved]WD7.1 Bug In ATM and apps Disappearing
  39. Bug when using a space as a search term in the App time machine on WD7.1
  40. WD7.1 Graphical problem - install certificates button not visible
  41. App switcher uses screenshots of it's self instead of app previews on WD7.1
  42. Whited00r 7.1 iTunes app problem - Reloads Page During Song Preview
  43. WD7.1 Black Wallpaper On Lockscreen bug - Shows With Album Artwork
  44. WD-7.1.3 crash report from crash while listening to music
  45. WD7.1 iPhone Goes to Safemode When Entering SIM PIN
  46. Assistive touch LAUNCH BUTTON positioning irregularities. BUG
  47. [Solved] Whited00r 7.1 iOS 7 App Switcher Homescreen Card Black
  48. Slide to power off white bar behind cancel button missing on WD7.1
  49. WD7.1.X Camera Bug - Preview Screen is Smaller Than Actual Image Taken
  50. Camera Hanging at Lens on Launch in WD7.1