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Swapmode for the iPhone

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This is a GREAT tool for Whited00r 4.2, especially since there is no Activator.  All you need to do is install the Debian package and you're good to go.  This package is basically safe mode, but your phone will still look completely normal!  The difference is that it has a "game mode" that disables all your mobile substrate for hard-core gaming sessions.  To return to normal mode, just open the app, switch the toggle and exit the app to respring :)


Or install via Cydia if it's still there!

Thanks for the share!

It's iSpazio which seems down but maybe it's just me

thanks but i will pass as im not iPhone gamer more like PSP gamer:P

but thanks may need it someday.

I play iPhone games when i'm out and about xD Mostly Angry Birds :P  I installed Dead Space but it's too creepy to play at nighttime xD


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