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Whited00r 7.1 FAQ/Bugs and Troubleshooting READ BEFORE POSTING


What is this?

This, dear readers, is a list of commonly asked questions/known bugs and explanations for why they happen (as well as possible solutions).
A good read before anything else would be the Whited00r 7 Introduction - What's new and how to use WD7

Installation How-To and troubleshooting

Almost all of the errors you encounter while trying to install whited00r have a very simple solution :)
Please, use the search bar in the top right hand corner of the forums to search for your issue beforehand always.

iTunes - Whited00r firmware file is not compatible

Many of you are probably getting this error. That is most likely because you renamed the .zip to .ipsw, and tried to restore to that or else just tried to restore to the .zip itself.

In Whited00r 7, the firmware .ipsw is bundled in a .zip file unlike previous releases, and contains not only the .ipsw, but also the correct version of Redwn0w for these devices so you can also follow along with the tutorial that is also linked inside the .zip file. Simply extract the files from the .zip you downloaded (if you renamed it to .ipsw, rename it back to .zip), and then follow along with the tutorial and when asked, point iTunes to the newly extracted .ipsw instead.

iTunes - Error 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604 (and up)

You have encountered the most common installation issue here, and the one that has one of the simplest solutions if one searches :)
If you followed along the installation instructions, you shouldn't be getting this. However, any time you get this error, you can use this method before the step that gave you the error to bypass it (unless you have a damaged USB cable/data port).

Simply use Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 for Mac or for Windows and go to Extras -> PWNED DFU and follow the instructions on-screen to enter DFU mode, and then wait until it tells you it is in PWNED DFU mode.

Whited00r 7 Features FAQs/Bugs

Springboard crashes!
There are a couple of springboard crashes we know of, and are in the process of tracking down. If you get a crash listed below and make a new topic about it, you will very likely just be linked to this and quoted it ;) So keep that in mind. We know it happens, and just knowing that it happens from more people won't make it fix itself sadly :( It's being worked on :) If/when we need help with more specifics about the crashes, we will make a forum post not for people to post saying they have the crashes, but rather to gather more specific information about it to try and fix it :)  Keep in mind these bugs aren't happening for everyone, and not even all the time for the people who get these bugs.

The crashes are as follows:

* Incoming calls. (A different bug than the one we fixed that helped out other users with this issue it seems...)
* Having a passcode lock enabled.
* SIM Pin Codes. (enter it in in safemode and you will be fine after exiting safe mode)
* Powering down the device. (after it boots you to safemode, just power down from there to turn off the device)[/i]
Some bugs are Fixed as of Whited00r 7.1!


Why can't I slide to reply/open on the lockscreen? Sadface exclamation mark
Sadly, due to technical reasons, this isn't possible at this point in time. To reply or open the app for the notification, just tap on the icon for the app on the left hand side next to the notification and the app will then open.

What if I want the iOS6 style notifications?
You can configure this in the "Whited00r Settings" listed above. You need to unlock the advanced config, but after you do that you can then disable the "iOS7 Style" toggle and then apply the settings and you will no longer have iOS7 style notifications.

App Time Machine

Apps are crashing left and right! My device is in ruins and my children no longer call me "mother/father"
You probably uninstalled appsync, or else the app you downloaded was corrupted. Either that, or you installed the same app multiple times without uninstalling it first before re-installing it. Doing this can cause many issues. Moral of the story, always uninstall an app before re-installing it from the App Time Machine.

I can't find app time machine and don't obviously look around enough
As of whited00r 7.1 App time machine has been moved to the home screen under the name "App Store" open it and you have app time machine! And simply if you need the App Store search for your app and if it is not in the app time machine archive you will be able to open the official App Store with the press of a button :)


Configurator keeps running and doesn't apply settings on iPod touch 2G MC
Install the WD Patch from http://repod00r.com in Cydia.

Cell data never gets disabled/gets enabled after a respring or reboot :(
You do not need to apply settings after toggling the cell data, it will disable it automatically.  Because this does not use a daemon, if you respring or reboot, you will need to toggle the cell data on/off again to disable it (if enabled don't worry).

What is this "Advanced Config" you speak of?
More of a nod towards the power users out there, this unlocks the full capabilities of the new configurator engine. You can now disabled very intricate parts of your system, as well as certain behavior styles of the new Whited00r 7 features.  Admittedly, this is probably not for the newer/less tech savvy users, as changing any of the advanced features will quite possibly stop you from getting user support, especially if you complain about stuff being broken and you have messed with the advanced config.

UI/Graphical Bugs

Text is white on a white background in Cydia/iFile/Other apps
This is a known bug, and has to be this way. Apps that run as root (Cydia and iFile) cannot be modified with a tweak without having the source code to them and then loading in the substrate loader manually. (as far as I know from the documentation).  Also, Cydia disables tweaks from hooking into it anyway.  Now, you may be thinking "Well why don't you just change the background color of the bars so it looks good?". There is a very good reason for that. Cydia and other apps use the system resources for images, which are also used by many, many other apps. Changing Cydia and other apps that run as root to look good would break the actual iOS 7 style theming for all the other apps. (ATM apps, App Store Apps, native apps).  So, we did what we could, but really, it will always be unable to be fixed to look good everywhere. We minimized the bad looks as much as we could though, and spent quite a bit of time looking for workarounds/solutions where both root apps and mobile apps worked well together, but ultimately came up with what you have now.  Also, some apps don't use the system methods to make nav bars (titles, back buttons), or button bars at the bottom, so the text color can't be changed for those as it would require individually hooking each app (and reverse engineering it first to figure out where it is in that app). Not logical to spend that much time doing it sadly :(

Icons are large and all over the place!
This is due to the icon animation feature. It should only happen if you have reset the languages, or resprang via SBSettings or the Settings -> General -> Respring. This happens because those resprings bypass the lockscreen, which is used to let the icons know where to be. It bugs it out because it calls the scatter code for them, without ever calling the unscatter because it's already unlocked.  Simply lock the device and unlock it to clear it up :)

iOS 7 App Switcher

Why can't I close out of apps?
These apps are not actually running, they are just recently opened apps. Don't worry about it :)
Fixed in WD7.1, although they still are not running in the background.

App Market

App Market won't open, and hangs at launch then crashes
Please make sure you have an active internet connection for the first launch of the App Market after installing whited00r. It needs to grab some info from online, display a small greeting and then set up some more things in the firmware relating to permissions and ownerships. (Many thanks to Panwaffles for noticing it needed an internet connection)

Apps that require higher iOS versions, and upgrading to higher iOS versions

Not possible, simple as that. More in depth though, for those of you that actually want to understand why :)

While whited00r may do many things to the device to make it seem like iOS 7, it is still only 3.1.3 and very limited API wise and hardware wise.
Cracking an app does not make it compatible with anything other than the firmware it was built for. It only unties it from an iTunes account, meaning it can be installed on other devices (mostly used for piracy sadly, the App Time Machine uses it as a necessity).

There is no way to make an app that requires a higher firmware to work on an older device, ever. Nothing can be done tweak wise or anything wise. The app is built on entirely different API and for an entirely different firmware, and hardware too most of the time.   If that weren't bad enough, the apps are closed source, meaning even if we had the manpower or time, we couldn't port apps backwards to iOS 3 (although that wouldn't be worth it, and would take incredible amounts of time to try to do it, if it was even possible in a lot of cases). 
All the apps in the App Time Machine are simply the last compatible versions of the apps, before they dropped support for iOS 3.1.3.  There is no way to update them to newer versions, or make them work with newer API on the server side if they rely on that. Once an app is cut off server side for older versions, it is pretty much dead (take whatsapp, instagram, kik, and a couple others).
There is also no way to get your device to run a newer firmware either, as iOS is closed source, and the hardware simply couldn't support it. Even trying to get bits of it (if it was open source, which it isn't) for certain API, would take crazy amounts of time which we don't have, and would pretty much still need the whole thing ported. That would still cause issues with everything else on the system though, that excepts the API to be for 3.1.3, not anything else, meaning everything would need to be changed, and pretty much run the entire higher iOS, which isn't possible.

and more on the CPU and hardware bits, from the old FAQ

Why can't I install Apps that Requires iOS 4.3 or upgrade above iOS 4.2.1?

iOS 4.3 and above and apps that requires iOS 4.3 are using binaries CPU instructions sets for newer devices equipped with ARMv7 CPU & faster GPU and only those Apple devices have it:
ARMv7s = iPhone 5, iPad 4
ARMv7  = iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3G, 4G & 5G, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad Mini.

Apple Devices with the ARMv6 CPU supported by Whited00r & App Time Machine but not by Apple anymore and dropped slowly & surely by iTunes :-\

    iPod Touch 1G or 1st Generation  - max iOS 3.1.3
    Original iPhone 2G or 1st Gen - max iOS 3.1.3

    iPod Touch 2G or 2nd Gen - max iOS 4.2.1
    iPhone 3G or 2nd Gen - max iOS 4.2.1 but it's dog-slow, the very limit of what that hardware can take. Whited00r is based on a tweaked iOS 3.1.3 because it is much more fluid with plenty of free available RAM to run apps.

Apple could easily require that app developers include iOS backward compatibility to be eligible to iTunes App Store but they decided not to.  :-\   Apple makes the Xcode software that developers are using to create apps and removed support for ARMv6 binaries compatibility in their Xcode 4.5 version (see Mac Developer Library - Xcode Release Notes for technical details). Apparently they re-enabled ARMv6 binaries compatibility in the current Xcode 4.5.2 according to this.

Whited00r device support and future plans
Sorry if below sounds harsh, but it's the truth of how things are. Sometimes only bluntly saying things gets it through and makes people understand the full picture ;)

Will whited00r support any new devices like the iPad 1G, iPod touch 3G/4G, or the iPhone 3GS?
No. It won't. If there ever are any other things for those devices, it would be under another project name.

Why doesn't whited00r support those devices, or different iOS versions?
Too much work to develop for more and more devices.

It's not that much work to make it work for iOS 6 or the other devices! Lazy! >:(

No, we aren't lazy. Whited00r 7 took 6+ months of development, reverse engineering and testing/designing to get working.
It's not as easy as just modifying some things and suddenly it works. We want to do quality work, and even if we didn't it would still face the following problems:

* New API - Yes, we may have new API to work with, it also means the old code could become inefficient, or not work as designed originally
* New Classes - New classes means things that we used before could be obsolete, or not even exist anymore.
* Changes to existing Classes - This means things we have currently hooked or use, and spent ages figuring out, no longer behave as expected, exist, or even do the same things, or else aren't the quickest or best, or the cleanest way to do it anymore.So, if we were to do it for newer firmwares, we would have to recode everything again and again and reverse engineer for each iOS version. On each new iOS, there will be any number of unpredictable challenges or roadblocks, meaning it could take even longer than whited00r 7 did. That's for each iOS we add support for.

The issues above are a big thing, but also, there is the problem of time. Whited00r is done for free, only for these older devices because it's not a whole set of new devices (thus requiring all the same work all over again).   We do this in our free time, but the developing team are all adults and need to make a living. Pouring all our free time (and even not the free time) into this sort of thing, to get nothing anywhere near what would be logical in return is stupid on our part.   We can't logically keep giving away everything for free if we were to support new devices. (even doing it for whited00r is kind of silly, but we do it for you. ).  No, lite versions of things wouldn't work either. You can't get anything reasonable with a lite version of this sort of thing and still have the incentive to upgrade to the full version and make the right sort of revenue to make this smart for us to keep doing.

As is, we keep supporting 3.1.3 only, and only on the current set of devices :)  Maybe, maybe at some point in the future we will start other projects, if we figure out a good balance.  Not saying we won't ever do that, but not soon that I know of. It took us that long without needing to constantly troubleshoot super-active forums (which they are now seeing we just released an update).  We also need a rest ;) (only human after all, for most of us)

More to be added as bugs are reported, questions asked, and answers found


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