Author Topic: WD7 Crashing upon calls  (Read 1826 times)

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WD7 Crashing upon calls
« on: February 15, 2014, 11:41:40 AM »
Whenever i recieve call in whited00r 7 (unlocked version) on my iPhone 3g, springboard crashes,or either if it doesn't i sitll dont get ringtone or anything working meantime.
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Re: WD7 Crashing upon calls
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2014, 12:35:25 PM »
This is a known bug and being worked on but if you install the patch from the repo that you can get via cydia you will know that it will be fixed.
This video goes over how to install the patch and this bug will be fixed in a future patch
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Re: WD7 Crashing upon calls
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2014, 08:12:37 PM »
This is also found in the Whited00r 7 FAQ/Bugs and Troubleshooting READ BEFORE POSTING by the way :)

Springboard crashes!
There are a couple of springboard crashes we know of, and are in the process of tracking down. If you get a crash listed below and make a new topic about it, you will very likely just be linked to this and quoted it ;) So keep that in mind. We know it happens, and just knowing that it happens from more people won't make it fix itself sadly :( It's being worked on :) If/when we need help with more specifics about the crashes, we will make a forum post not for people to post saying they have the crashes, but rather to gather more specific information about it to try and fix it :)  Keep in mind these bugs aren't happening for everyone, and not even all the time for the people who get these bugs.

The crashes are as follows:
  • Incoming calls.
  • Having a passcode lock enabled.
  • SIM Pin Codes. (enter it in in safemode and you will be fine after exiting safe mode)
  • Powering down the device. (after it boots you to safemode, just power down from there to turn off the device)

No ETA on a fix though, just like there was none on whited00r 7 ;)  All I will say is it is being worked on :)