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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Whited00r Bug report template


Last updated: 21/5/14 (GMT date layout dd/mm/yy)
Read the Whited00r 7 FAQ/Bugs and Troubleshooting READ BEFORE POSTING and see if your answer is there first!

So you found a bug in whited00r that is not known could you please follow the template below as it will make everybody's life easier :)

Please follow these 2 steps

* Give information on the device and verstion of whited00r. The OTA updates are downloaded through Cydia and it is a good idea to check every so often
* Go over a brief description of the bug such as what feature it may be related to, screenshots would be brilliant and also how to re-create it.
* Post any cydia tweaks you have installed. As some conflict with Whited00r (such as Activator. The full list is below and being added to often).
* Post what you have enabled and disabled in the whited00r settingsFrom now onwards these steps are optional and helpful but will slow your device down
Before doing this you must move some demons around. You can do this the hard way or install my script to do this which is here

* Go into cydia and search for ifile the icon will look like this:

* Open ifile and enable hidden files.

* Go all the way back to / and then look for the folder named .Trashes, Open it.
* Open 501 and copy the following demons: (to copy press edit and select the files then press the icon in the bottom right and select copy).

* The go to System/Libary/LaunchDeamons and paste the files you copied into it.
* Reboot and logging is enabled :) then open cydia again and search for crash reporter and syslogd and install them both.
* Then you will want to recreate the bug.
* Open Crash reporter after the crash and then tap on springboard -> the latest crash -> syslog and press copy in the top right.

* Now email the syslog to yourself and post it in the topic you created this will make you awesome (like everything :D ).
Also if an app crashes (such as ATM) you can post the syslog for that as well. It will Appear with the name of the app on the first screen you load. But do not post app crashes that are NOT a part of Whited00r such as 3rd Party apps installed Via the AppStore or the other ways.

Tweaks that conflict with whited00r
(you may install them but it may cause issues with the firmware itself)
Whited00r features known to cause issues
Control Centre
IOS 7 multitasking

Grabbing the first spot for future reference


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