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I saw the other topic on this error, but that solution didn't work for me.
I'm trying to fix the settings hangover in WD 7.1, but there is no place for me to get the patch.
How can I fix this?

Welcome to the forums :)

What do you mean by "Settings Hangover"?  Do you mean the issue with a certain version of preference loader where the settings app crashed on launch?  There is no patch for that, although it should be built into whited00r 7 by default.

If you want a patch to update whited00r 7 to whited00r 7.x, there is no way aside from a restore. Only from WD7.x upwards do you get patches for the long term release (until another major release, which would require a restore).

Thanks for responding so quickly :)
(sorry for being so vague).
What I meant about the settings hanging is that when I try to apply changes in the Whited00r settings, it stays there forever (by the way I'm using Whited00r 7.1). According to other posts, to fix this you need to download the WD Patch V3 from Repod00r, but the repository is empty on my device. Ive seen the other post on that, but it did not seem solved. How can I stop the WD settings from hanging, and get back Repod00r?

Ohhhhhhh....  That shouldn't happen at all on whited00r 7.1, unless you restored from a backup in iTunes when you restored your device to WD7.1.
The patch from repod00r was only for whited00r 7 and has been removed now, as it actually causes issues and requires a restore if you install it over WD7.1. (downgrades tweaks and files with no way to revert back).
Any OTA patches/updates will come from the pre-added repository on the device for (not exact repo name, but close).

I re installed WD 7.1 and after starting from scratch, (not from backup), it was fine!
I can now apply settings, but the only thing found in repod00r is the Override Spotlight Daemon. Is that normal?


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