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Hello guys ;), A few days ago, youtube changed their API so whenever I try to go on youtube, it just says "Cannot Connect to Youtube" or displays

I tried opera mini (probably the fastest iPhone 2g browser), and it uses the old youtube API to play the video. I really do NOT want to use safari ::), so if you know any alternatives that support my iPhone 2g please let me know, and send me the IPA or tell me where is it in apptimemachine
Thank you :)

At this moment in time your best bet would be to use safari other browsers such as Opra Mini or Mucruay Browser both of which are avalible on apptimemachine...
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I just made a topic like this too, it's sad they have to do this I thought it wasn't gonna take effect until May
UPDATE i was just on the YouTube app on my ipod and it does work ( 4/27 )

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--- Quote from: iCookiee on April 26, 2015, 12:12:05 PM ---it just says "Cannot Connect to Youtube", I try opera mini (proboly the fastest iphone 2g browser)

--- End quote ---
Opera mini is the fastest browser for all devices I use it on my iPhone 3G every day.....
It's bad that they are killing old devices :( ......

Safari will be your best bet as of now :P


--- Quote from: JustinCase on April 26, 2015, 06:59:34 PM ---Safari will be your best bet as of now :P

--- End quote ---
And pretty much only bet  :-\


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