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Redd00r - Will there be an update ?

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Hi devs !
As you're making Greyd00r for iOS 5 devices, I have a question.
Will there be an update for Redd00r ? You know, it hasn't been updated for a really long time and as it's not working, people who have an iOS 4.2.1 device (like me) are forced to use Whited00r, and their devices are blocked to iOS 3.1.3.
I really want to get to iOS 4.2.1, because there is some apps that are only compatible with this version of iOS. And since Google deleted the YouTube API for the native app, we are forced tu use Safari. But on iOS 3.1.3, the YouTube website is really buggy ! Some videos won't load, the site itself is deformated, ... And these things don't happen in iOS 4.2.1 !
So, it would be cool if Redd00r gets an update.

Thanks, dellieuxr.

Im with you here it would be cool to see an update maybe how the WD team will back port its features to wd maybe they can also back port it to redd00r too

We plan on seeing what we can back port from grayd00r when it is done (100% done and stable, no sense back-porting buggy code!).
Some features won't make it over because of missing API which would take to long to code from scratch, or performance reasons and such.  iOS 4 is hopefully a stop along the way for it when we start back-porting.  That's a long way into the future though, because grayd00r is just starting out.

I would love to see another update to redd00r :) hopefully it works out


--- Quote from: iPH0NE_3GS on August 15, 2015, 02:30:33 AM ---I would love to see another update to redd00r :) hopefully it works out

--- End quote ---
Me too :)
As I need some iOS 4 functions, it would be amazing to have a Redd00r update...


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