Author Topic: Looking for if specific apps are compatible/available with Whited00r  (Read 959 times)

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I'm new on this forum and I'm French, so excuse me for my english....  ;)

My configuration : Iphone 3g, Ios 4.2.1, BB 5.15.04 non Jailbreak

I want to install Whitedoor, but before I want to know :
1/     if in the ATM I can find : Deezer, What'sApp (or another app for sms by Wifi but without a sim card (like Ipod)), an app to do some video,  an app to edit and transform photo, mozilla firefox.....
2/    witch intaller whitdoor I need to download : Normal or unlocker ?

It's for my Daughter who use the iphone like ipod today but want to start communication with their friends

Thank's a lot for your futur answer

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Re: if specific app exist under Whitedoor ?
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I give some more informations about the iphone to help me to choose the good download file of whitedoor :

DeviceName:         iPhone de ****
DeviceClass:         iPhone
ProductType:         iPhone1,2
ProductVersion:         4.2.1
SerialNumber:         ****
UniqueDeviceID:         ****
ModelNumber:         MB489
BuildVersion:         8C148
HardwareModel:         N82AP
DeviceColor:         black
RegionInfo:         FB/A
CPUArchitecture:         armv6
WiFiAddress:         ****
BluetoothAddress:         ****
PartitionType:         GUID_partition_scheme
FirmwareVersion:         iBoot-931.71.16
ActivationState:         WildcardActivated
ActivationStateAcknowledged:   True
BasebandVersion:         05.15.04
BasebandBootloaderVersion:      6.2_M3S2
IMEI:            ****
MLBSerialNumber:         ****
MobileSubscriberCountryCode:   208
PasswordProtected:      False
ProductionSOC:         True
ProtocolVersion:         2
SIMStatus:         kCTSIMSupportSIMStatusNotInserted
SupportedDeviceFamilies:      1
TimeIntervalSince1970:      1443273541
TimeZone:         Europe/Paris
TimeZoneOffsetFromUTC:      7200
UniqueChipID:         ****
Uses24HourClock:         False
iTunesHasConnected:      True
Keyboard:         fr_FR
BatteryIsCharging:         False
BatteryCurrentCapacity:      100

Please if somebody can help me... I want to try the manipulation today if it's possible