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iPod 1G suddenly completely dead

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I was using my beloved iPod Touch 1G as usual and had recently charged it (battery almost completely full), I stopped using for 15 minutes or so, went back to it and…nothing! Black screen!

Things I've tried so far:
-pressing the power and home buttons for several dozens  of seconds, both connected to mac/original charger and unconnected
-entering in DFU and recover mode trough redsnow and recboot and maybe something else.
-letting it charge for a couple of days (even if it's obviously not a battery problem), then tried again the steps above.

My mac doesn't see it at all (and not only in iTunes, it's as if the usb cable had nothing connected to it). It started up only once so far, while connected to the computer, and got to the Apple logo, then got stuck, at reboot nothing again and I wasn't able to repeat that again.

Any suggestion before I organize a miniature funeral?

Did you tried to throw it in a wall ? Just kidding. It's a really weird problem. I had an iPod Touch 1G and it always worked fine. Maybe your device is simply dead, but still strange...
Did you made it fall recently ? Or maybe put it in water ?

No falls and no water. Yes, could be an hardware failure, but still hope (especially because of that time it started booting). :(

did u apply any cydia substrate updates?

Not recently.


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