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Most of us knows that Whited00r custom firmwares have AppTimeMachine where you can download all the cracked apps uploaded to it.
But App Store has hundreds of apps available that are not on ATM. So for being able to find them and install on your device you will need to use PierreP's method of filtering them:
[Trick] Use Android's Mothership to filter iTunes by iOS 3.0, 3.x, 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1, 4.2.1
Compatible Apps Note: Just copy and paste in your browser or in the Google search box when mentioned (site:...). The idea is
to use advanced search operators to search iTunes. This is better than list of compatible iOS 3.1.3 iOS 3.x
apps & games found on the web with outdated links or linked to iTunes via paid-redirects (like cnet) to newer
iOS version requirements that are not compatible with your first and second Generation idevices. Yields about 633,000 results filtered by iOS 3.0 at the present for a search on the iTunes US store. For other country stores custom search see below as some apps are available only in the US store and if you live
outside the USA your iTunes may tell you that it's not available in your store. Code: [Select]"requires+ios+3.0" Or paste this in your Google search box : Code: [Select] "requires ios 3.0" Remove 1,000 paid apps by adding the keyword "free" "requires ios 3.0" "free" By adding keywords you can drill down to a specif app name or type. For example to find free GPS apps: "requires ios 3.0" "free" "GPS" >> About 25,300 results "requires ios 3.0" "free" "GPS" "tracker" >> About 355 results Now search results will show some paid apps because there is the word "free" somewhere in the page so let's
excludes prices by adding -in front of the unwanted keywords (without space between the - and the "keyword"): Code: [Select] "requires ios 3.0" "free" "GPS" "tracker" -"$0.99" -"$1.99" -"$2.99" -"$3.99" -"$4 >>>>> About 127 results! Now I want a free GPS tracker that supports the Spanish language so I add "spanish". >>>> About 24 results! "requires ios 3.0" "free" "GPS" "tracker" "spanish" -"$0.99" -"$1.99" -"$2.99" -"$3.99"   -"$4.99" -"$5.99" -"$6.99" -"$7.99" -"$8.99" -"$9.99" -"$10.99" -"$11.99" Basically you just change the keywords like "spanish" to your taste and/or delete some price restrictions (like
-"$11.99" for example). Keywords must be between quotes for better results: "keywords ". You can also try with some iOS requires variations: "requires ios 2.0" About 70,400 results "requires ios 2.1" | "requires ios 2.2" | "requires ios 3.1" ***** How To Find Apps Compatible with iOS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 & iOS 4.2.1 And if you are not running the faster & more fluid Whited00r firmware but the much slower and RAM hungry iOS 4.1 or iOS 4.2.1 instead , while all the apps working on lower iOS will also work for you, you can search for newer apps versions by using those advanced search tricks: "requires ios 4.0" "requires ios 4.1" "requires ios 4.2" "requires ios 4.2.1" ***** Searching Non USA iTunes Stores If you live outside the US, change the iTunes country ID in the URL's above. For example to search your store otherwise it may return a "not authorize to download from from this store on this computer" error if that app is not available in your country's store when trying to download the app to your
computer. It's easy, see How do I find my iTunes App Store URL? The easiest way to find your App Store URL is by opening iTunes and copying the information directly from the App Store. Code: [Select] The steps included below outline how you can find your App URL.     Open iTunes.
    Search for your app.
    Click your app's name and copy the URL (right-click for PC users). App store URL’s will be in the following format:[country]/app/ So for searching iTunes France for example you would paste this in the Google search box : site:http:// fr/app/ "Nécessite iOS 3.0" "gratuit" Or go here and hover with your mouse pointer to see the URL: For example, Armenia (/ am/): ***** Filtering site by mackerm iOS Search Site Original thread: iTunes firmware/device filtering site ***** PandaApp filtering tutorial by leejenshil [Tutorial] Find compatable versions of apps for your iOS with PandaApp
FULL TOPIC:,7108.0.html

When i saw this i sayd "Genius!" :D But! It's not that easy to type everytime that whole thing in the search bar so i created an "Online App Store" in my Safari's bookmarks with all the available apps of older versions of iOS in the App Store. And i suggest you to do it too! It's nice, quick and useful.

Hope i helped you to keep your compatible apps together and acces them quicker using this method :)
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