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whited00r is "not compatible" with Ipod 2G

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I have tried installing the whitedoor software onto my Ipod 2G which has IOS 5. When i go to restore my ipod, a pop up shows up. I have attached what it looks like. Please Help! Thanks

Chris M.:
Hello, iPod touch 2g MC version do you mean? (since it has iOS 5). Make sure you downloaded the appropriate version for it from whited00r's website and try again following the instructions.
And you can try also Grayd00r, is a project done by whited00r developers too, it's based on iOS 5 i think and it replicates iOS 9 :).

Yes, i did get the "MC" version, but my ipod is a "PC"

The file i downloaded said MC-PC

Chris M.:
did you put your device properly in DFU? Maybe try with another usb port? and search more on forums there are a lot of people with this solved problem :)


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