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Well, there wasn't a thread for this yet, so here it is! I know WD 8 and WD 9 are not out yet, buy maybe they'll just skip to Whited00r 10. Put your ideas here! I have a few to start with (I'll try to keep them things easy to do):
-Notification center
-Spotlight search page shows weather or stocks (in a form that looks like widgets)
-Swipe left to access camera on lockscreen
-iOS 10-like Control Center

Add your suggestions below!

-based on ios 4.2.1
-use just the latest cydia core files that support ios 4 properly(updating cydia causes device to start freezing and tweaks not showing in settings on both ios 3 and 4)
I know you probably hate to hear this,but I went back to stock 4.2.1 mostly because whited00r was unstable and ios 3.1.3 is obsolete.I usually use my ipod for youtube,facebook,messenger and playing games and thats much worse on whited00r,because youtube doesnt work,messenger doesnt support ios 3.1.3 and the facebook app cant load chats and groups,just the news feed,games crash often because of low free ram I guess.
On other hand:
-ios 4 supports youtube fine
-messenger works fine
-through the latest version of dolphing browser,you can actually access the GOOD vesion of mobile facebookwith reactions and absolutely everything,its just awesome and quite fast!
-games work fine
-ios 4 supports multitasking
Also you get newer api to work with and ios 4 isnt slower than 3 on my ipod 2g,its mostly the same speed(we have crappy old armv6 cpu,its slow on pretty much everything) and also maybe you can add virtual ram,if its possible(idk if our kernel or whatever it is called on ios supports it).

I totally disagree, iOS 4 has some downsides, too. First of all, the iPhone 2G can't run it unless they can hack it somehow to work, which I don't think has been accomplished before. Second, the Whited00r project actually started as an iOS 4 alternative for the 3G because iOS 4 was so slow on it. And we don't want Whited00r to be even slower, do we? (Not to say that it's slow now, it's the same as iOS 3). iOS 4 has some advantages, but I feel is goes against the point of Whited00r.

I dont understand what do you mean by slow.My ipod touch 2g runs even faster on jailbroken 4.2.1(no tweaks,just appsync) than on whited00r 7.1 .Our main priority now should be to get on the newest version possible,3.1.3 supports barely nothing and youtube doesnt work,most apps for it dont work anymore.Ios 4 is different story,I have wrote why in my first post here. Also,whited00r tweaks are way too heavy for our devices,probably the perfect thing to do is a refresed and lighter version of Ios 4.2.1 for iphone 3g and ipod 2g without any theming and the devs should concentrate on grayd00r,the newer devices with armv7 cpus have much more potential for theming and modding.

OK, I see your point. However, what about the iPhone 2G? Basing Whited00r on iOS4 might mean dropping support for that, right? Or hopefully they could somehow get iOS 4 running. I still use my iPhone 2G everyday, as my main phone, and I don't want to see Whited00r drop support.


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