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OK, big problem. ATM is no longer working for me, and Chris M. said it wasn't working for him either. We are both having the exact same problem: When you try to download any app, you'll get an error message saying that it can't unzip the ipa and in "Downloads" there will be a file called download.php.html. You can read this file with iFile, it says "ciao" :\. Is this also happening to everyone else? Here are some screenshots from Chris M (thanks!):

Well that is unfortunate. I would guess they packed up the service for whatever reason :(  (I'll check with people though to make sure)

Chris M.:
Hello, so how can we install these apps? Cause i restored my device, but i have the file from var/mobile/Applications of my old apps(i backed up) but when i imported thefiles the apps are just crashing and won't open. I know ATM, the safari advanced search method and a few sources only for downloading apps... Hope these problems will be fixed. Bruan did you contacted the ATM devs? Cause i didn't saw a "help" or contact button on theur website :-/

[email protected]

I found a "report bug" button on some pages of the website, made a new email with this address. Seems to be what we're looking for.

If this is dead, I'll be really sad to see it go. ATM was probably my favorite feature of Whited00r and it made our old devices so much more useful. I hope this gets resolved soon!

Did anyone have any luck with emailing ATM?

When I send an email, I get a reply in about 5 seconds saying the message couldn't be delivered. :( :O


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