Author Topic: YellowD00r iOS 11 theme for iOS 6 Devices.  (Read 439 times)

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YellowD00r iOS 11 theme for iOS 6 Devices.
« on: July 29, 2017, 01:07:20 AM »
I've Been Thinking Whited00r Devices are almost unusable now. No one really has them anymore and Whited00r has officially stopped pushing out updates for them since 2014 and the only love these devices ever get is from the amateur developers page on the forums. Not saying we should totally give up on them but I feel like it's time to move on at lease to iOS 6. I will still continue to update my iOS 11 theme for Whited00r but i belive that this will be the next big thing. Ovousally I am not a founder of whited00r so I don't think the YellowD00r name will stick but iLike it. I Can't Do This Alone, I will need alot of help. Anyone Interested in doing this project let me know.

As Soon As I Can Jailbreak My iPod Touch 4G and 3GS I Will Get Started.


Top Priority is the theme and layout. We Will worry about tweaks Later.
NO WINTERBOARD. No Intensive Tweaks. Can't Slow Down Device. 

Things we will have to Work on
1. App Redesign Inside and Out
2. Lockscreen and Homescreen
3. Font and back buttons
4. Notification Center
5. Settings Layout and Functionality.
6. New UI sounds
7. Camera App Tweak
8. App Switcher Tweak.
9. Other.Artwork and similar Files
10. Control Center Tweak
12. Possible Siri or Siri Clone and turn bu turn directions.
12. New Keyboard

WHO'S WITH ME ? I Need all the help i can get.
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Re: BlackD00r iOS 11 theme for iOS 6 Devices.
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 05:59:51 AM »
Blackd00r is Whited00r's competitor who ripped the project off.

Yellowd00r is Whited00r's project for older Mac computers.

I would change the name.
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