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ICY IS BACK Cydia alternitave [BETA]

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Icy Being redeveloped BETA release!!


As you can tell from the title, Icy is back; and better than ever! For those of you that don't know, Icy was an alternative to Cydia back in the days of 3.x - but, the developer quit working on it and the project died. A group called Infini Dev oddly called their Icy version 1.4.7. It adds support to the iPad and made some bugfixes that came all the way from RipDev's Icy. Well, it has been resurrected by a new development team and it will contain (once its out of the beta version) new features such as data backups and a web-based service called fr0st to recommend packages; this icy is much more advanced. It offers Full iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch support and works on practically every firmware, including iOS 4.3.2!

It's really simple to get, just add this source to Cydia: http://repo.ispazio.net/ once you have it added to your list of repos, simple go into it and install Icy BETA

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Icy sucks

Icy is One of the things i miss the old 2 to 3.x transformation days for :p
cool. If it goes as good as it should, im voting we preinstall it on all new wd's!

hmm, installed. crashing on startup :/


--- Quote from: Alavi on May 03, 2011, 11:07:14 PM ---hmm, installed. crashing on startup :/

--- End quote ---
Remember it IS a beta so not much is to be expected but I like icy to


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