Author Topic: [Iphone 3G] - Need precisions about Whited00r Version and Wifi-Sharing Option  (Read 766 times)

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Hello All  ;)

I discovered the forum because I have an old 3G and I want to know some stuffs before installation of Whited00r.

In fact, I Need to use the "Wi-fi sharing option" which is included in 4.3 Firmware (When you go to settings -> You have the option under "Wifi" and In ios 4.2.1 this option is not included...)

Is it possible and does it working with the last Whited00r release for example?If not I have no more interest to install the custom firmware so I will try to search another solution...

So, My current firmware version is 4.1 with 05.14.02 BaseBand.

Which version of Whited00r do you recommend? The last is a good one? or if I installed and old (for exemple 4.3.1 full or light), I will run faster in general?

Do I have to downgrade in 3.1.3 or upgrade to 4.2.1 for the installation to work properly?

The Iphone is currently sim-Locked by an operator which I don't have the SIM-Card.That means if I installed

Whited00r I can use my Sim-Carrier without using UltraSn0w? Or I need tu upgrade the BaseBand to 06.15.00 or not?

Thank you all for your reponses !

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Wi-Fi sharing iz not supported right now
3.1.3 iz faster but if you NEED 4.0 then go woth the 4.x bassed version
I get on every now and then to check up
Go ahead and download Whited00r 8 BETA if you haven't yet: <------