Author Topic: Hide UnWanted Icons + Pics :)  (Read 791 times)

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Hide UnWanted Icons + Pics :)
« on: November 02, 2011, 02:51:53 AM »

Many People might think this is "Dumb" or "Point Less" but many People dont even Know about this

im Gonna Show You how to Hide Unwanted app Icons (Like the Stocks App or Voice Notes App) That Come Stock on IOs Firmware's. I Personally Hide Some of These Cuz i Don't even use the Stocks app and Dont Like it Takin up Space on my Spring Board

Ok Lets Get Started

First Theres 2 Ways to Do this (either Way Requires a App From Cydia)

A. u can Use SBsettings (Great App u Can set Toggle Switch or Free up Memory that's being used by other apps and many other things)


B. U Can Download a App called Poof, its Only Purpose is to Hide apps (but i dont like this 1 cuz it makes a ICON :( But its still Works Great if u Don't Want SBsettings)


Open Cydia
(if u Don't Have BigBoss Source add it)
Click the BigBoss Source and Scroll to S to Find SBsettings
Install its and Then Re-spring your iDevice
After You have ReSprung your iDevice Slide ur Finger on the Status Bar from Left to Right (sometimes its a little "stiff" just keep trying)
then hit the More Button

Scroll Down till U See Hide Icons
Any1 wanna donate a Old Iphone or Old Itouch for me to Screw around with whited00r on :) PM if ya do :) Thanks

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