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No more iPod touch?

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If you see apple's recent activity you can see that iPod touch is slowly getting excluded
1. The iPod 5
Apple usually releases iPhones on June and iPods on september (and ipads on march) but last WWDC apple just added new color for iPod touch

2. iPhoto
iPhoto the new app has no use of compus but they excluded from the iPod touch

The new trailler is incompatible with iPod touch. Although its hardware specs are quite good (and trailler does not take too much RAM and users should have enough if they are not jailbroken) they decided not to include it

I think apple had no marketing plan for iPod touch because iPhone and iPad does the same and has better hardware. So I think they gave up on the iPod touch

i actually agree with you there.

ever since the revolution of the IPad the IPod touch has been kept in the dark.

it seems the bigger the better ?

iit seems they are trying to put a difference in ipod, ipad and iphone.... if the three devices do the same and works the same whats the use....

iPod touch:for elem ~middle school. Parents don't want to get a phone bill with big digits and it is cheaper then iPad

iPhone: everyone same thing but it's a phone

iPad: big screen for ebook readers or online news magazine readers. Also for heavy gaming

I think the difference is pretty clear

now there making it more different by the apps


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