Author Topic: Turning an iPhone circuit board into a dedicated wifi hotspot?  (Read 1558 times)

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I've gotten an idea, Fairly simple.

Since old iPhones and their parts can be bought or exchanged for dirt cheap these days (i've gone through 2 free iphone 2G's, and 1 traded for an old WM phone) I could take one of the circuit boards, and modify the firmware to make it function as a simple hotspot (and maybe also ssh/web server for the sake of draining every last drop of function from the tiny computer).

I have a ThinkPad X41 Tablet. Mine's the model before IBM/Lenovo added mobile internet modems/antennas. Therfor there's no way to have integrated mobile internet.

Considering the size of the board, It looks to me like it could fit inside of a PCMCIA card slot, With the battery. Allowing it to slide inside of my computer, For me to essentially have integrated mobile internet! I could pull power from one of the pins (im sure one/some of them must carry 5V at sufficient amperage) I could also have the antenna cable from the iphone connect directly to my wireless card, so that it's simple and no additional software is required on my computer.

I've got an unlimited dataplan and I'd like to take advantage of it better so, by using it /all the time/. x3

The things I'd need to do, simply put are as follows.
1. Power status indication (without a screen)
2. Stripping down iOS to only the essentials for a wifi hotspot function for faster boot time and no interruptions. (disable all timers, leave only the required ones such as shutdown if battery gets too low)
3. Automatically start some sort of wifi hotspot program to create a hotspot sharing the internet connection from the data network.

I'm not sure how many hardware/software hackers there are here who could help with some useful information or suggestions on how to carry this out. The hardware part is fairly simple/straightforward. But the software is the only thing that I haven't yet plotted out. Since this is a community about an iOS mod.. I presume there's got to be some people who are familiar with iOS's general architecture well enough to provide me with information on how I can achieve the software side of this. To ease my part. I dont quite see much information anywhere documenting how iOS's innards work.

What do you think? Are there any other communities or places that could help me out with this better so?