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calendar and voicememos ios 4.2.1 redd00r

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i deleted some launch daemons and now voicememos cant play recordings anymore and calendar crash when a click on + to add a event : ( ,what launch daemon control this funtions??
thanks for help!!

Which ones did you delete (This is why we make backups :p)

i forgot to make backup : ( do you know what  launch daemon control calendar and  voice memos?

lol i dont but ill google it for you and if not just restore and delete the ones you know what it does then go through them one by one.

I do not want to restore the iphone again because I created a 4.2.1 so quick as whited00r removing  many launch daemons and many pictures springboard and the system in general! added reminders and newsstand,i had a lot of work to create this firmware!


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