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Originally called D00r

No longer supported! Has not been updated for years. *Not compatible with whited00r 7 or iOS 7! You should use that anyway, it's much more featured pretty much ;)
Also not compatible with the newer devices that use the A5 chip. So nothing above the iPhone 5 (or maybe 4S really).

What is this? This is a project I have spent the past couple months or so working hard on to get to a stable enough point for a public release (still in beta though).
This aims to provide the basic features that whited00r/redd00r would, as well as extra features and speed improvements. Really trying to add in my own twists to it now, to further it from anything else. It is compatible with every firmware, so I will be adding in more stuff all the time for different firmwares, as well as bug fixes along the way.

For your 3.1.3 device, folders are a great addition to any homescreen.

This is enabled when using d00r, for any device that doesn't already support it by default.

Spice up your homescreen with wallpapers! :D

Ad blocker
Because really, I don't know anyone that truly thinks, "I want to look at an ad for a couple more minutes...".

Optional optimized iOS6 theme
Put your device on a diet! This theme is optional to be downloaded from my repo. It includes every stock iOS image crushed and then optimized, to get image size down considerably, hopefully reducing processing power needed to display them. This might even result in faster animations and usage of your device.  please note that this takes a bloody long time to apply, as it is every image on the device ;)

iOS6 theme
Get that iOS6 look on your decrepit old device, to at least feel young again. Sort of like Botox, without the bad side effects (like melting D: )
more images will be added :)

Theme engine
Oh look, I was nice enough to put in a cannibalized (I can never spell that word right -__-) version of Regenerate for your usage, for free!  Aren't I nice? ;) No more need for WinterBoard in most cases :) big speed boost there for you :)

UIIMage themer --- big thanks to bensge for this! :D
Oh yes, thanks to the sheer brilliance of a developer called "bensge", you can now theme UIImages without WinterBoard! This means you have complete theming capabilities when using D00r :) currently only not compatible with 3.x, but this is being looked into

Firmware faker
Yeah yeah yeah... A firmware faker -__- I put it in because some people might like it. It can't actually let you run apps not designed for your system!

GUI Configurator
Tired of typing "y" and "n" into the terminal window? Well, I fixed that for you. Now you can simply open up your settings app and enable/disable features on your device. This Configurator has many more options than any has before it (such as whited00r and redd00r), as well as better code behind it.
OTA updates
Skip Cydia completely! This will help you keep Archetype up to date :) Also on top of the default Ch40s-Utilities ota tool, I have made an addon just for Archetype. This will alert you when a new update is available and prompt you to either download it or cancel (the latter of which will put a badge on the settings app just like iOS5+) (the addon can be disabled via the Configurator)

Optimizer script
Trying to make the most of your device. This is code all done by me, designed to try and speed up your device and clean up space on it.  I will keep adding more and more to this in hopes to speed up the device even more :)

iOS6 settings layout
For the most part anyway :P This will give you something close to the iOS6 layout of the settings app.

Ever needed a break from notifications? Well, just flip this switch, and watch as the world ends.... Wait, no, it will just disable notifications. Not end the world. Heh... heh...

Video buffer fix
Well, sort of. You can enable this in the Configurator. It will set the default resolution for videos lower than normal, thus hopefully speeding up the loading time of them. Youtube never looked so blocky! :D

Many thanks to realblack7's iCloud, of which I used to learn tar commands and the locations of the files needed :)

Cleaner tool
WIP tool for cleaning up the system automatically (you can turn this off though in the configurator). You can run it manually under Archetype -> Cleaner (configuring options are there too)

Did I mention this was compatible with every firmware? :P

-Make custom backup script, sort of like iCloud I guess. App data, photos, notes, contacts, all those sort of things.
-More fixes for different firmwares, and new features.
-Font swapper for the note app
-Custom UI, already working on it slowly (I have almost no artistic/design skills ;P)

Please keep in mind this is still beta, and there are bound to be some issues, but I am working constantly to fix these issues, and add new features :)

Make sure you have the latest Ch40s-Utilities from my repo, some of the Configurator options won't work until you enable everything from the old configurator script from whited00r. I would NOT advise running this with redd00r...

This does work on whited00r 6 :)

-Download SBUtils for 3.1.3 and install it however you may want to, using iFile or iTools or otherwise. This isn't a thread about installing .debs, or even a package for newbies.
-Add the repo below and install Archetype from it.

-Add in the repo below and install Archetype from it.
-If it crashes Cydia during install, do not reboot or anything. Open cydia up right away and let it it sit for about 10+ minutes as it finishes the install. It very well may be a black screen. You will know it is doing something because the app hasn't crashed again. Answer any popups it may show, and when it either closes or shows the return the cydia button tap that and then reboot.
-iPod touch 2G will have issues with enabling multitasking due to a key for open-gles2.0 not being written to a file. It will cause repsringing on changing apps.

-Add the repo below and install Archetype from it.
-After it finishes installing, hold the home/power buttons down at the same time until the device shuts off.
-Hold the up volume key at the same time as pressing the power button when the device is off. Let go of only the power button but keep holding the up volume button until the device turns on. It will be in a safemode of sorts that doesn't actually say it on the status bar. Do not worry about that ;)
-Using iTools or iFile or similar navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and delete UIImage.dylib and then reboot the device. Reboot not respring otherwise you WILL STILL BE IN SAFEMODE.
-You should be good to go from there, although if you do OTA update before this post is updated with the next major version you will need to remove that file again.

Sorry, no longer available. :(

Split the thread, for the old stuff please look here:
Archetype thread OLD.
Don't post there, it is just for preservation purposes.

If you do have an issue, please post here, but make sure to include information that will help such as device, firmware, configurator settings, and any tweaks or file system mods you may have done or installed.

Also read the first post!  It has the common issues, and how to fix them. Please do not post if you have not read it, or if you are asking something that is described in the first post! ;)

Nice work Brian!

Reserved for Future use & edits.  ;)

so i only add the source, install archetype and reboot my device? ios 4.2.1 thanks :)
sorry for pushing up this Post :s

Haven't read the whole post ?
Yes add the source and install it, also read the workaround in case something goes wrong.


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