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WD 7: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!



Here are some tips I learned over the years to quickly find solutions to problems in Forums:

1- Search the site as maybe there is already a solution so why waste time starting a new thread and wait for a possible reply? Use the Search box top right of this page!

Or the powerful Google Site Search or paste this in your Google search box and add the keywords you want:

--- Code:
--- End code ---
And you can filter by date to see the most recent posts like so: > Search Tools > Anytime > and change it to: Past Month for example.

If you found a working solution, post in that thread to say thanks (the only "salary" whited00r volunteers & users get) and confirm that it worked for you too as it will help other users with the same problem to spot the best solution.

whited00r volunteer experts and users don't always visit the Troubleshooting forum to re-post solutions they already answered to so that's why a site search is always the best first move.

If you found a solution in an other website instead, share it on the whited00r forums to make it better.


2- Check the Tutorials and the sticky treads in respective whited00r Forums There are important links in the whited00r Firmware downloads pages for the different supported devices:

* Whited00r 7 FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING!
* whited00r Tutorial - Installation
* whited00r Tutorial - Solve Installation Errors
* whited00r Tutorial - Carrier Unlock for iPhone 3G & Baseband
* whited00r Tutorial - Post Installation Includes how to use the built-in whited00r 7 setup tool to enable/disable whited00r features like Sara/Voice Control, FastAppSwitching/a.k.a "multitasking, etc. Screen captures below from this post: Whited00r 7 setup Tool to Disable Sara or FastAppSwitching + enabling iPod Control

* [SOLVED] iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 Stuck in Baseband 05.15.04 - What to do if you have that baseband and want to install whited00r 7.
* Tutorial Whited00r FAQ sticky
* whited00r Tutorial - Set up an Exchange Account with Gmail if offline see this post: [Solved] Whited00r 7 3g tethering Option + Google Sync Setup
* Tutorial Forum
* New! [Tutorial] whited00r 7 How-To Find iOS 3.1.3 Compatible Apps - iTunes iOS Filter Fix
* [Solved] whited00r 7 Unlocked Push Notifications Quick Fix
* WD 6 Bugs should be reported here instead of in the Troubleshooting Forum if you want to help the whited00r Team: Whited00r Forum Support Bug Report

3- If you don't find a solution and decide to Start a new topic:

1- Choose the most relevant whited00r forum related your problem/question and use proper keywords in your message title.

* I and many others won't read a thread named "HELP!!!!" but will if it's "WD 6 Facebook Problem" for example and one may get more solutions if the keywords attract the attention of somebody who knows about it. You don't attract flies with vinegar.
* It's also a way to make the Forum more useful and efficient for everybody as one will not waste time reading a "Help!!!" thread that is about a subject that he knows nothing about or is not interested in.
* Proper keywords makes Search much more efficient so the next user with a similar problem will find that solution faster. It's Karma, if everybody is sloppy in their posts then everybody will have a hard time finding quickly a solution using Search.2- In the first line of your message specify your device and whited00r or stock IOS version as a problem for an iPod Touch 1G may not require the same solution as an iPhone 3G and it will help Search results.


If you have a whited00r installation problem essential info needed so we can help you:

1- Device model and the current iOS firmware you have on it. Is it already jailbroken and unlocked or not?
2- Your Baseband & Bootloader versions.
3- Are you on Mac or Windows OS version?  iTunes version?

f0recast is a simple free standalone tool to instantly find essential iPhone info including Bootloader version and baseband. Works on Mac & Windows. Download the free f0recast & iREB tools here:

I just connected my iPhone 3G to my computer with iTunes closed, started the small standalone (means no install required) f0recast and it gave me all the essential info about the iPhone:


3- The more clear details you give about your problem the more precise will be the troubleshooting replies. If you already tried several things, mentioned them so people don't waste their time proposing stuff you already did and what did not work may give important clues for finding working solutions. And again, the better the keywords you use to describe the problem the more efficient Search will be.

4- If your bug / problem gets solved:

* Update your first post so people can find the solution to a similar problem quickly: change the "Message Icon:" to Thumb Up like so: and add this to the beginning of your message tittle: [Solved]. For example: [Solved] WD 6: How To Enable Cydia Autoinstall Feature for deb Files

It's Karma and if you do it then it will also be easier for you to spot solutions when skimming the forums
* Quote (as it includes the name of the helpful user as well as a link to his message and profile) the message that solved your problem and say thanks! Since whited00r and it's Forum are free and based on mutual help, the only gratification on gets is some Thanks and it may encourage that person to help others too.
* You could also paste the solution quote in your message #1 so we don't have to read the whole thread to spot quickly the best solution.
* If you found the solution by yourself, don't be selfish and go back to your thread and share it. It's Karma man, you will be happy when others do the same.********************

>:(  :o >:(  What I hate the most is hit-and-runners asking for help & never report back about solutions offered by users who took time to try to help them. Saying if it worked or not & giving a simple thank you is so basic respect 101 IMO.  >:( >:( >:(


Include a link if you find a good tool or app instead of forcing dozens of users do to do a search to try to find the page. Which one is better for everybody in your opinion:

Check the Post Installation tutorial.


whited00r Tutorial - Post Installation tips:


Thank you to the whited00r team for supporting our older idevices, your work is really appreciated.  8)

Reserved for future use.


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