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List of features that could (or can't) be included

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Here you can read a post that merge the most important thread of the old forum

Nike + iPod
http://mymojo.ca/index.php/2009/12/31/w ... 3g-part-1/

Virtual Memory
I have tested both iphone VM versions on my iphone 2G.
I can say that it helps a bit when freshly installed. But after a few days the phone becomes slower than without iphone VM. (reboot doesn't solve the problem)
I'd suggest to stick with the freeing ram tool in multitasking!

if you use lots of .app meanwhile, it is great (because the usually don't crash), but in daily uses (max 3 app opened) it seems to slow down a bit becouse sometimes some files are written in swap memory (slower) even if the real RAM (faster) is free.

Someone also says that could damage flash memory (the same thing f SSD on PCs without TRIM)

2G Data Toggle
i think that on next version you could include a data toggle (as it exists on new iOS 4), so we can control better when we want to spend data plan.. pretty useful!

Multiple Exchange Accounts
http://lifehacker.com/5440633/use-multi ... ken-iphone

PDF Exploit Patch
It is not included because is that it runs a mobile substrate so it will slow down the iphone or ipod. It also really isn't needed yet because there aren't any hacks that use the PDF Exploit that I know of.

Video Recdording
Well lets ask for the source code of Cycorder! http://xsellize.com/topic/64614-release ... n-134-rmf/
I tested geblo and other repeating memory addons.. they don't seems good (they work in mobiel substrate or daemons.. so they will drains a bit of battery.. )

preinstalled but only if I can create a toggle to disable it (safe for user) without using SBSetting
Sensitivity Controller
http://limitededitioniphone.com/iphone- ... nsitivity/

hi matt!
The link of the nike+iphone article isnīt working.


--- Quote from: "Bensge" ---hi matt!
The link of the nike+iphone article isnīt working.
--- End quote ---
hmm thats odd. It works for me on 3 different computers???

Now it works on my computer too.
but yesterday it hasnīt worked



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