Author Topic: Whatsapp Problem - Partially Fixed!  (Read 14492 times)

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WhatsApp Server-Side Checks Blocking Older Devices
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2013, 10:38:22 PM »
From this App Time Machine - Help the community and save WhatsApp for old devices:

Quote from: AppTimeMachine
UPDATE 3-Jan-2012: the problem seems partially solved for some WhatsApp v2.8.4 users. It seems that:

1- Who was using v2.8.4 and suddenly was kicked out from the service due to the block => WhatsApp v2.8.4 working again now

2- Who tries to install WhatsApp v2.8.4 on a device that wasn't already activated => still not working because verification code is not sent


Help the community and save WhatsApp for old devices

WhatsApp developers blocked access with the last available version for iOS3 and iOS4.

We know that Apple's XCode 4.5 drop support for ARMv6 and we can't get upgrade, but the server-side block of WhatsApp is pointless.

You need iPhone 3Gs+ to use their service. Please help us to ask them to enable WhatsApp on old iPhone again!

Send Mail to this address: [email protected] >>Pre-Built Mail<<

Object: WhatsApp v2.8.4 support

Message: Please don't block WhatsApp v2.8.4 for iOS server-side otherwise lots of old iPhone users will not be able to use WhatsApp anymore. Please don't answer that it is a policy of AppStore: YOU blocked the access server-side. We don't want to upgrade the application but we want to continue to use the last version available for our device since we paid for it. Thanks you

Post this on Facebook fanpage too: WhatsApp Official and Join WhatsApp Facebook