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OS X 86 aka Hackintosh

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Anyone tried this? I have used osx86 for over a year on my pc, and that lead me to buy my first macbook.

Tell me about it

Well, since apple turned macs into using intel procs, osx could be modified and installed on regular pc machines.

the osx86 project are the guys that made it all possible (sumthin' like saurik).
you download one of the distros from the net (you can find em all on osx86 wiki) and do an install, like you would install a linux or windows. you can even dual boot. Only problem, are the drivers, so you gotta grab a hang of things before you can choose the good ones, but if you know your specs, it shouldn't be hard, since there is a list of available drivers on the install screen.

I have had some trouble with nvidia 7300, so i found aditional drivers on the net for example.
there is a pretty big community of people using this, so it shouldn't be hard finding any advice on the net. you can even ask me if you don't understand something.

keep in mind that no osx86 pc will ever work as good as a native imac, but hay, at least yu got yourself a good working and reliable osx  system.
this is really good for you ios coders out there ;)

My dell 1525 is a hackintosh as well as my other old desktop. both run 100% :)

what i meant by "it can never work 100%" is that you can make the same spec pc as some mac, but it will never work as good as that native mac.


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