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I know this is kinda of a lame idea, but maybe you could make the lite version with nothing installed, and just have people intall stuff from the repo?   Cuz I wanted a lite version just for multitasking, so I deleted the folders, installed backgrounder and curcuitios (as well as thier dependancies), and I now can run 12 apps and only then be below 30mb free mem.   I was thinking this would be good to cover all bases for a lite version.   I idle around 75 mb after I free mem when I'm done multitasking.   So, maybe put the modded curcuitios in the repo for people who want a free memory tool and stuff as an example of what to put.

I don't know, I'm thinking this would be good for people who only want one or two things and such, and for that to work really well.   (backgrounds, folders, multitasking, activator, etc)

Uhmmmm....   Alavi!    Work on the mobile posting a bit more eh?

I think Lite is fine with folders, it's easy to uninstall. Adding the circuitous would be nice

I know,  I'm just saying for those who only want to use it for one purpose, they could chose what that is.

Side question.   Is this post under the announcments?   It is for me on the mobile forum...

Yes it's global lul


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