Author Topic: Rules for Amateur Developers!  (Read 4484 times)

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Rules for Amateur Developers!
« on: August 14, 2013, 08:04:36 PM »
Amateur Developer is a forum board dedicated for new developers out there, finding a place to share their work to the community.
Sharing your work to the community also has its rules, and these are what we allow, what we don't allow, and the rules for posting!

What if I have this great idea for the developers, but don't know how to make it?
Don't worry! You can post them in the Have an Idea for Tweaks/Apps? Share them here! Thread!

What We Allow:
  • Winterboard Themes
  • A fully functional app that you have developed. (Must include functions and not just a UI)
  • A MobileSubstrate Tweak you have developed.

What We Don't Allow:
  • Cracked Applications. NO WAREZ  >:(
  • Work from Other Developers. (A version of an app or tweak you claim to be yours)
  • Anything that is already included in our Whited00r firmware. (Unless there are many differences to the current version found in Whited00r)

  • All posts of work MUST have a screenshot or picture from day 1.
  • A download must be available within 3 days
  • No Spamming. (Will result a warning leading to a ban if continued
  • You cannot make money using (or related) links.
  • All posts MUST BE AmDEV Related.
  • Foul language/Cursing is prohibited, and not allowed
  • No Useless Apps/Tweaks with no function. (Why not make something useful for the community ;))
  • See a similar thread? Post in that! Don't make another thread about it.
  • Thread Locked? If you want it unlocked. PM one of the Global Moderators/Admins with sufficient reasons of why it should be unlocked. And we'll unlock it for you
  • It's also a great idea to read this post: Forum Posting Rules - Don't Get Banned! ;)

  • No Screenshot by Day One: Warning
  • No Download by Day 3: Topic Locked
  • Promotion of Warez: Critical Warning/ Ban
  • Spamming: Warning at first. Silenced if continued
  • Foul Language: Will be Warned and censored. Continued will result silence/ban
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