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Where to Get the Free Whited00r iOS Custom Firmware


On the Whited00r.com site of course.  ;)

And make sure to read those before flashing the firmware on your device:

* [Tutorial] Backup Apps & Data BEFORE Upgrading iOS Firmware WD 6 3.1.3 4.1 4.2.1
* Whited00r Tutorial - Installation
If you have some problems installing Whited00r read the stickies (it means threads pinned at the top of the forum list) of the Troubleshooting - iPhone & iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G, Unlock & Jailbreak Problems & Issues board.

And this one can be read after the installation: Whited00r 6 - FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING! as it includes tips about how to enable or disable the Whited00r Features and answer many questions you might have.


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