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How to Find & Check Apps Compatibility with Whited00r, Crack & Share Them


For some inexplicable reason besides Apple's bad faith one cannot filter his apps library nor iTunes by minimum iOS requirement.  :-\

Whited00r is based on a fast iOS 3.1.3 customized, optimized and with added features so any apps that requires iOS 3.1.3 or older should work on Whited00r if they are not tied to an iTunes account.

There is a great free tool that shows you which apps are already cracked and the iOS requirement but those features are not available on their version for Mac I think, you could try & tell us.

So if you download iTools iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad file manager for Windows (click on English) & use a Windows computer (Bootcamp maybe) you can see this:

By default, iTools will scan all the apps in your iTunes library. Hovering over the apps in the iTools Applications library will will show the path of where they are located in your computer & other details. Using the Settings button top right one can add any local folder where you have some apps to be added to the Applications library of iTools. You can also drag & drop apps in that Applications folder to add them to the library.

Then you can install only the ones with the green copyright C. To crack them it's very easy & fast: whited00r 6 Tutorial - How to Crack your App & Share it with the community

If you cannot find an app in Whitedoor's App Time Machine or don't have it already in your iTunes library the site is great to find the all the versions that were made for an app.

Then you can search the web with: app name version "requires iOS" to check the minimum iOS requirement.

For example (that app is already in App Time Machine): facebook 3.5 "requires iOS"

If it is compatible with iOS below 4 then search for:  app name version ipa and if after testing it on your device to make sure it works then you share it by uploading it in

Many more searching for apps tips here: [Tutorial] Whited00r 6 How-To Find iOS 3.1.3 iOS 4.1 & 4.2.1 Compatible Apps - iTunes Filter 3.x

iTools can also do this: [Tutorial] Backup Apps & Data BEFORE Upgrading iOS Firmware WD 6 3.1.3 4.1 4.2.1


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