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No, not ringtones. I mean system sounds. Like lock, unlock etc..

Hey, can someone put new UI sounds, I know that they're "echoing" which is a cool effect... I want to put them on my phone :D

I have a ZTE Blade III. It's not very expensive and it has awesome features like ARMv7 CPU of 1GHz, 512mb RAM, 5 mp camera with autofocus, runs one of the latest Android versions, etc.... Just search and see for yourself. ;)

Tu sam ja i dalje, opušteno  :D Ako treba pomoć, javite se slobodno..

Ljudi samo da znate da necu vise biti toliko aktivan kao pre, jer sam sada nabavio Android telefon. ;)

In the setup tool, almost everything is disabled and screen brightness is on the middle with Auto brightness on.

Oh well... If I ever restore, I will tell :P But I can live with this :D

Nope, I don't have what to modify ;D

Yes, that's why I tried that.. I wanted to see if underclock helps..

No, I don't have restored backups. I can't restore because my cable is not working really well with my PC :P Actually, it's night here, so there's no sunlight ;D

I had iOS 4.1 jailbroken before this, without backups. And it was all good.

And yea, my phone is always running in safe mode, so no MobileSubstrates are running.

Why is my iPhone overheating?? I restored to WD a couple days ago, and since that my phone is getting hot when I charge it AND in regular use. I was doing something in iFile today, and I realised that it started getting hot.. Sometimes I get a fast battery drain, too-- battery 30%, play game, after 5-10 mins, battery 10%.. And I tried PowerControl app set on Underclock mode, still the same. :( Help?

Okay, just sayin' ;)

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