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中文論壇區 / Whited00r 7
« on: December 31, 2013, 03:21:19 am »

Whited00r 7 已經釋出! 已經可以在我們的官網下載!


This is very special so I'm just making a thread in the Free Forum to celebrate this special occasion :P

I joined Whited00r 1 year and 2 months ago when I wanted to make my iPhone "cool" again. To have iOS6's looks and feels.
And that is when I found Whited00r. It was more than just looks/feels. It was the features too.
Just a brief story that no one probably cares but if you're bored, it's worth reading  (or not) lol

My first post on WDF was actually reporting some guy on YouTube stealing my fellow friend CPVideoMaker's iOS6 Theme
Just to let you guys know...
a Guy on Youtube "iModzCentre" used ur theme CP
and supposingly said he "created" it.
I checked it with iFunBox and turned out to be the exact files you uploaded (
with the exact directories and Spelling mistake on Weather lol (Wheather)

I then became obsessed with the looks and feels of my iPhone 3G, so I spent the following months creating an iOS6 Theme for iOS4 (and iOS3 after)
Months later, I became friends with Brian and he helped me with a hell lot of stuff when I'm constantly destroying my phone with new images. :P

Then came Whited00r 6.
A firmware that changed it all. I no longer used Redd00r, and went straight to Whited00r 6 as it was so stable and amazing to use.
I continued creating and perfecting the Theme for WD6, and eventually (with the help of Brian) made it all possible to install automatically.

Then in April/May, Whited00r started recruiting new Mods. I applied as soon as I read the post and became a Team Member and a Chinese Moderator here at Whited00r.

Weeks ago, I was promoted to Global Moderator for my time here at Whited00r.

And... It all leads to today. August 15th of 2013. Where I make my 1000th post here at Whited00r Forums.

I know it doesn't sound much, but honestly. 1000 is a huge number xD

Just here to thank Whited00r, and all it's staff and moderators. The inspirations. My Friends. and the community.

Thank you all for le support and the friendliness.

Thank You, and Enjoy Whited00r.

Special Thanks (from Whited00r):
CPVideoMaker - The one that got me interested in Whited00r :P (from le iOS6 Theme haha)
Whited00r itself - The wonderful and highly customisable firmware. Why wouldn't I thank that
Mattewre - For founding and creating Whited00r
Bcooperizcool - For the support when I needed it. And the spambot when I'm bored.
PierreP - Teaching about SEO and the importance of KW.
Google - For helping me find Whited00r
tartilc - iOS6 Theme Helper
XxBleed2DeathxX - iOS6 Theme Helper

Special Thanks (Non-Whited00r):
Sentry_NC - The interface designer that became my inspiration :3
Apple - For creating an amazing device (and firmware though you dropped us.)
iDownloadBlog - Because they're awesome enough to blog about every of Whited00r's release.
iFunBox - How else would I explore the iPhone's RFS
My Parents - Because they're awesome 8)
And things you guys won't honestly care about.

...and more people who I will add later :P


Amateur Developers / Rules for Amateur Developers!
« on: August 14, 2013, 08:04:36 pm »
Amateur Developer is a forum board dedicated for new developers out there, finding a place to share their work to the community.
Sharing your work to the community also has its rules, and these are what we allow, what we don't allow, and the rules for posting!

What if I have this great idea for the developers, but don't know how to make it?
Don't worry! You can post them in the Have an Idea for Tweaks/Apps? Share them here! Thread!

What We Allow:
  • Winterboard Themes
  • A fully functional app that you have developed. (Must include functions and not just a UI)
  • A MobileSubstrate Tweak you have developed.

What We Don't Allow:
  • Cracked Applications. NO WAREZ  >:(
  • Work from Other Developers. (A version of an app or tweak you claim to be yours)
  • Anything that is already included in our Whited00r firmware. (Unless there are many differences to the current version found in Whited00r)

  • All posts of work MUST have a screenshot or picture from day 1.
  • A download must be available within 3 days
  • No Spamming. (Will result a warning leading to a ban if continued
  • You cannot make money using (or related) links.
  • All posts MUST BE AmDEV Related.
  • Foul language/Cursing is prohibited, and not allowed
  • No Useless Apps/Tweaks with no function. (Why not make something useful for the community ;))
  • See a similar thread? Post in that! Don't make another thread about it.
  • Thread Locked? If you want it unlocked. PM one of the Global Moderators/Admins with sufficient reasons of why it should be unlocked. And we'll unlock it for you
  • It's also a great idea to read this post: Forum Posting Rules - Don't Get Banned! ;)

  • No Screenshot by Day One: Warning
  • No Download by Day 3: Topic Locked
  • Promotion of Warez: Critical Warning/ Ban
  • Spamming: Warning at first. Silenced if continued
  • Foul Language: Will be Warned and censored. Continued will result silence/ban

Amateur Developers / Have an Idea for Tweaks/Apps? Share them here!
« on: August 14, 2013, 08:04:20 pm »
Do you ever come across this amazing idea that will benefit everybody, but thinking that you don't know how to make that idea come true?

This forum thread is dedicated to those with the ideas!

An idea for a MobileSubstrate Tweak, or an application you wish you had.

Other developers can then look at these posts and make that dream come true for you!

Can't wait to post? Great! Here's the rules to posting:

  • Have an idea? Simply add [Idea] to the title of your reply so it's easily identifiable.
  • Made the idea come true? Simply quote the original post and reply with a link to your new thread. (Following the AmDEV Rules)
  • Please read the ideas before posting one! Maybe someone else had the idea already!
  • No Spamming!
  • Minimise Chatting in this thread! And don't leave 1-3 word replies like Great. Okay. Sweet. I don't know.
  • Don't make suggestions of apps/tweaks that already exist!
  • Don't suggest iOS 7 features, unless you have an idea how to make them. We know you want those ;)

Have an idea or suggestion for Whited00r firmware? Share them in the Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version Forum Board. This post is dedicated for ideas for Apps and Tweaks!

Hello Guys,

I've recently just received this iPhone 2G from my Dad. But it's a broken one.
Here's what he said to me: ..."I broke this thing 6 years ago. You can have it, do whatever you want to it. I don't care..."

So Here's the problem with this Phone.

Original Problem
  • Stuck at OS 1.1.4
  • Unable to Restore (Error 23 and 16xx. Tried Recovery/DFU/Pwned DFU)
  • Corrupt Baseband
  • No IMEI, ICCID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Not exactly sure, but caused by either iLiberty+ or ZiPhone. (This was 6 years ago)

It was still bootable, just not usable.
After researching and tweaking it. I managed to get it to this:
  • Baseband still Corrupt (Empty)
  • Still No IMEI, ICCID, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth
  • Restored to iOS3.1.3
  • Permanent Reboot Loop
  • BootNeuter 2.1 Stuck @ Settings

I've used every version of iOS possible to restore, and used every iTunes version.
How did I manage to restore?
I found this "Patch" that can somehow bypass Error 23 in during an iOS Restore (Only available for iTunes 9.0.2)
And Updated it to 3.1.2 / 3.1.3 / WD6

Activated/Unlocked it with Redsn0w/ Blackra1n (I tried multiple times)

Here's what happens after Whited00r Installtion:
Rather than the Normal Activation Screen. I get BootNeuter. STUCK
It just keeps going at "Determining Settings" (The Bootloader is corrupt too, so it's stuck)
iTunes can detect it just fine. Sync it and all sort of things. But the screen is still at BootNeuter 2.1

After that, I forced rebooted it. iTunes can still detect it, sync it. But it's now stuck at a Permanent Reboot Loop (Apple Logo)

Has anyone been through this problem? And how did you eventually solve it. (I cannot replace the motherboard/logicboard. I prefer to do this without spending any $$$)

Note: For BootNeuter, it appeared right after I restored it. I didn't install it or anything. So My question is, was it supposed to be preloaded in WD6 on iP2G (Tried unlock and normal, same thing happened)

I will update for more info if needed.

I know it might be a hardware issue, but I've seen people around fixing it. (it was a failed jailbreak/unlock when it was at iOS1.1.4. I think) I think you have to flash the baseband/bootloader but the BootLoader is also Corrupt so pretty much that won't help :/)

PierreP Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in Whited00r 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

各位 大家好,



在發文求救前, 請先看看: Whited00r 6 中文教學。請先看這邊!

(請不要用Google 翻譯,因為他翻譯的很爛)


這篇教學教大家下載並安裝 Whited00r 6

Whited00r 6 有分了6 的版本 (按你的版本即可下載,連接是到官方的網站,不用怕)

*如果不知道iPod Touch 2G 的版本,打開“設定”(Settings) > “一般”(General) > “關於本機” (About) > “機型” (Model)
假如前兩個英文字是: “MC” ,Whited00r 目前還不支援這個版本。
如果是 “MB”, 請下載上面提供的Whited00r。

下載: Redsn0w 0.9.14b2
要用0.9.14b2因為舊版Redsn0w沒有這個功能,新版的不支援舊版的iPhone/iPod Touch.
Mac版下載 . Windows版下載


把下載好的Whited00r 6 放到桌面上。
把你的機器接到電腦上, 打開下載好的Redsn0w。
打開以後, 先按 Extra

然後,按: Pwned DFU
Pwned DFU 模式 就是可以讓iTunes回復非官方的iOS韌體。

點進去後,他會叫你要先關機,因為要進入DFU 模式了。
(會進入DFU模式的人可以先用了,不太會的話,先按 NEXT)

1. 開機鍵 3 秒
2. 不放開開機鍵,按著home鍵 10秒。
3. 放開開機鍵,持續按著home鍵15秒。


打開iTunes,點到你的機器。 並按照底下的圖,回復你的iPhone/iPod Touch
Windows: Shift
Mac: alt/option

找到你剛剛下載的Whited00r 韌體,點他,並按 "打開"

你的iPhone/iPod Touch 會開始回復。 可能會要一段時間。

恭喜你完成安裝 Whited00r 6.

安裝以後, 先打開 Terminal. (預設在第2頁)

  • a - Speed Up Your Device. 將機器速度加快
  • b - Get Extra Drive Space. 將機器容量加大 - 中文用戶用不到這個功能。裡面包含了:刪除所有不是英文的語言 以及 刪除retina的照片。(新裝好的iPhone不會有任何的RETINA照片)
  • c - Enable Push Notifications. 啓動推播通知 (只有解鎖版需要)
  • d - Crack All Applications. 破解所有的軟體 - 如果你有任何支援iOS3.1.3的軟體,可以用這個,然後上傳到AppTimeMachine分享給其他人 。
  • e - Reboot When Finished. 從開機
  • f - Exit. 離開

現在按 a

在按一次 a
要用的話,按 y
不要的話,按 n
1- Spotlight Search- 主畫面最左邊的那一個搜尋功能。
2- Exchange, Google Sync - Microsoft Exchange 平台的郵件。
3- SIM Card Contacts Import - SIM 卡聯絡人匯入。
4- Tethering - 透過iPhone分享網路。

現在按 b

要用的話,按 y
不要的話,按 n

Folders: 主畫面的icon資料夾。
Voice Control: 就是現在最的SIRI. 這是一個類似siri的,叫做 SARA.
FastAppSwitching: 類似多工/後台快速換app. 他只會記住你開過的APP,不是真的後台/多工。 (如果要真的後台/多工,請看:Whited00r 6 中文教學。請先看這邊!)
HomeScreenWallpaper: 在iOS4介紹的新功能,主畫面地背景

好了以後,按 c

最後再按 e
你的 iPhone/iPod Touch 就回從開機。


記得要看這篇教學再發文喔!Whited00r 6 中文教學。請先看這邊!

Bug Report in Whited00r Itself Only! / No Traditional Chinese
« on: May 04, 2013, 12:57:52 am »
Hello Whited00r Devs,

While writing a Tutorial for Whited00r (in Chinese)
I have just realised that there is NO Traditional Chinese on the Home Screen.

When I open up Settings and such, Chinese is appeared in Traditional Chinese, but the Home Screen Icon labels are ALL in Simplified Chinese.

Maybe if someone could please look into that or something.

There is a difference of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and it isn't an urgent issue, but still a medium level issue of Whited00r.

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