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Free Forum! - Everything Off Topic Elsewhere Goes Here! / H2O Wireless
« on: November 20, 2013, 01:25:29 AM »
Hi Everyone!

I have a used iPhone 2g and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with H2O Wireless. I'm looking for a good pay as you go carrier, and people have reported that H2O Wireless works with the iPhone 2G even though is is not officially mentioned. I don't think I will need an unlock, because people say it is usually recognized on a locked phone. My iPhone is actually being unlocked by iTunes automatically for some reason. I have heard data is not very good at all with H2O Wireless, but that is OK I will not be using data much.

Does anyone have any experience with H2O Wireless? Thanks in advance!

Hey Guys!

I am here to introduce and share my first Winterboad theme!

I have been doing some work on this theme using Paint.NET (recommended by Andy thanks bro) ;) and it is a theme to bring us back to the good old days when we played on Microsoft Paint all day! I have never done any graphics related work so this is my first experience! It is pretty darn sloppy for now, but it emulates the 5 year old me making icons for iOS! (15 now)

This is also my 100th post!

Here is the download repository: (Removed) Edit: Now on BigBoss!

To add this theme, Search "Paint" in Cydia and install.

This theme requires summerboard mode.

Tested on iOS 3,4,5 iPod Touch 2g, 3g, and iPhone 2G.

Bug: On iOS 3, the wallpaper does not appear. I probably can find a fix, I just need to add/rename the wallpaper.

Icons are pretty limited but I have stock plus some more. (see screenshot)

-Fix some icons (music, newsstand, camera)
-Add more Icons

View in BigBoss here:

Thanks for Looking!

Feedback Appreciated!

Andy Moderator Note: this thread is categorised under Free Forum when it should be part of the Amateur Developer Forum Board. Following the rules of AmDEV section found here: Rules for Amateur Developers! This topic has been moved to the specific board.
PS. great job ;)

hey guys what is the best photoshop version I can get a free trial of that is compatible with Windows Vista and good for creating winter board themes? ex. icons,backgrounds

theguitar :)

hey does anyone know any good no contract carriers for the iPhone 2G (WD Unlocked) in the USA
specifically Minnesota?


hey everyone im gonna create a custom firmware project and i need to use pwnage tool. are there any versions of PWNAGE tool for the IPOD TOUCH 2g? that i can restore to without issues? I could not find one for ios 4.1 or 4.2.1. If i used ios 3.1.3 would I get a restore error because it is a downgrade?

Hello Everyone!! I have recieved an iPhone 2G with no sim card. If i install whitedoor 6 unlocked version will i need a sim card of any kind to use it? im not going to use it as a phone. THANKS!!!

 :) :)

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hey im wondering how to install a .app file onto my ipod

ipod touch 2g MC or MB i have both does not matter

hey everybody! i have 2 ipod touch 2g's. one is MB and one is MC. i want to get WD 6 when it comes out on either device... but my power button on my MB model is broken :( i tried replacing it but it still does not work.

So here are my questions.

1. Will Whited00r finally support the iPod Touch 2G MC model with the release of WD6?

2. Is there a way to get my iPod Touch 2G MB model into PWND DFU mode without a power button?


Moderator note: Edited thread title & post to add relevant keywords as described in WD 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

How To's - Archive / 4.2.1-4.1 Jailbreak
« on: August 21, 2012, 05:36:46 PM »
Hello everyone I was wondering if there was a  UNTETHERED redsn0w jailbreak for 4.2.1 or 4.1 iPod Touch 2g MC Model. Ive been looking but have not found anything for the MC Model. Im running Windows.
Thanks for the help!  :D

How To's - Archive / brightness menu
« on: July 19, 2012, 11:13:56 PM »
hey im wondering how to use the brightness menu on whited00r. what does it do?

im running 5.2

what is new in 5.2.1?

ipod touch 2g mb


Hey I really want to install display out on my ipod touch 2g MB with whited00r 5.2. I remember a package that would trick cydia so it could be installed but I cant find it. Anyone else know what it is called? If not, any other ways I could get display out or something like it??

Occasionally after installing packages in cydia that need to respring the device, it just wont respring back up. it has the spin icon and it just keeps spinning. To fix, I hold the power and home and restart. Ive done a fresh restore and install but it does not fix it.

iPod Touch 2g MB Model 8GB
Whited00r 5.1

I posted this before accidentally saying MC, but I have an MB Model

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