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mm i use swap ram for tweaks only and i dont know but works perfect to me and also what tweak can be done for th black letters or we make one?

it can be done in ios 5.1.1 because is old bootrom and does not need the shsh the problem is that it would be more fast to do it whit shsh ad cydia does not have shshblobs

Hi all its seems that cydia have shshblobs for ios 4.1 it can be wast and stable butt the problem is in the apps because not all aps have support for ios 4.1 but anny ideas ITS FOR 3GS ONLY

Loooooooool dude i have virtual memory and is stable and i have more tweaks than you and i have 90 of ram free

It run pretty fast to me i put swap ram also i utilize icleaner pro i have disabled some daemonda that i dont need and is fast

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I will make a ipsw when snowbreeze supports ios 6.1.6

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Bruan i dont know how to make the letters black in statusbar and in navbar can you please helpme?!?

and i need help with the camera

i use this tweaks animate all/ animate fix for the bootlogo cardswitcher, colorkeyboard, display candy folder enhacer springtomize for hiding icons swipe back winterboard i make my own theme also i use yahoo weather is better copy dock unlock 7 byta font with ios 7 font banner image for banners no spot safari unibar sfari swipez screen fade  seven center wifi booster it runs ok in speed the battery is ok

hi all I am making an winterboard theme for ios 7 and I have a problem in the navigation bar I make it white but the problem is that the letters are white and it does not look good can someone helpme? and also in status bar

sorry for my stupid idea but it work for ios 6.1.6? i am making something for my iphone 3gs

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