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What ever I try I can not jailbreak iOS 6.1.6
I tried on both a mac and PC downgraded iTunes to 11.0
downloaded both tools Redsn0w and posixspwn on both computers and tried on both devices.
Downloaded the iOS 6.o Firmware and looked up every Tutorial online but everything seems out of date.
Nothing would work. Any suggestions would be great.

Amateur Developers / WhiteD00r iOS 11 theme for iPhone 3GS
« on: July 29, 2017, 01:07:20 am »
Whited00r 11 Theme for iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.1.6

This Theme will only be for the iPhone 3GS on ios 6 (a new iPod Touch 4G theme could come out at later date)
This Theme will modify app icons and images to look more ios 11 like rather then ios 6. I will need your help with making tweaks for this device. All help is greatly appreaciated.

   - New icon Size for stock apps
   - 95% of stock App icons theamed
   - Page dots updated
   - "New" app dot replaces "new" app banner
Lock Screen
   - Removed Slide to Unlock
   - Remobed Top and bottom bars (buggy)
   - Camera Grabber Updated to ios 7-10 like
   - Calculator has iOS 11 look
   - Voice Memos has iOS 7 Look
   - Notes has New iOS 7 Look
      - Weather has New Look with some glitches
      - Clock is a Work in progress
      - Safari Bookmarks Menu is upadted to ios 7 look
      - Messages has new iOS 11 Look
   - New iOS 11 Wallpapers With a still version of "live" and "Dynamic"
   - New iOS 11 Ringtones including Reflection
   - New iOs 11 UI Sounds including Charging, Video Record, Keyboard Press, Unlock, and Turn Off

Download here (Beta 3.0) ->

Change Log (Beta 3.0)
- Weather App Icons updated
- Fixed Some App icons
- Replaced Old Game Center icon with iOS 7 icon
- Replaced Some icons in mailbox
- Passbook app icon Replaced with Wallet icon
- Flatter Splash Screens for apps
- Some Map icons inprovements
- Message bubbles are flatter
- In provements to messages app

Comming Soon ! (Beta 4)
- iTunes Store UI Now white instead of black
- App Store UI Now white instead of black
- Updates to Music, iTunes, App Store Apps
   - Search Bar now looks like ios 11 aswell
- Contact Photos are now round instead of square
- Maps update including newer location icon
- (DEVELOPER) numbered all the buttons to help find easier.

hello this is a surprising thread i had to make since I'm pretty good at this stuff but I'm trying to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS 8GB (new BR) on iOS 6.1.6 with the latest version of redsn0w. yes i am using the 6.0 ipsw for redsnow . i am on Mac os 10.11.3 and I'm using iTunes and i will comply get "Exploit Failed" or USB communication problem. i tried 5 different chargers , many usb ports on my computer and even another mac computer, i even changed the charger port on my iPhone and then switched to a different iPhone 3GS and I'm still getting the same thing. so if you know how to fix this let me know. thanks

I just got this email basically stating after June 30th amazon will no longer support the app version on ATM

Amateur Developers / iOS 11 themed News app (Newsstand)
« on: May 24, 2015, 12:53:01 pm »
First you will have to download the Newsstand app from a new source form cydia then when it downloaded  just copy and paste everything in the folder in to the app

Download v1.0 (ios 7 Newsstand) -
Download v2.0 (ios 11 News App) -

Ok so I downloaded WD newsstand on to my ipod 2g from and themed it to look like ios 7/8 then I copied the whole app and placed it on to my iPhone 3G and opened it and it only showed the loading screen then quit. Why does this happen??
Ps. Here is what the themed newsstand looks like 

Free Forum! - Everything Off Topic Elsewhere Goes Here! / New Screen
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:37:41 pm »
I finally got around to fixing my ipod screen as I found it pretty easy ( i fix a lot if screens ) i would recommend doing it your self if you have a broken ipod 2G or 3G, ps when buying the part make sure it includes the home button

So I decided to restore me ipod and reinstall redd00r and i got this error like 15 times idk what else to do except to restore it again which Im doing now , it says it depends on "PreferenceLoader" and "CydiaSubstrate"

Completely irrelevant i just got an ipod 2G screen for my ipod so its not cracked any more

Just restored it and did it all over and im getting the same error. :(

Well i got redd00r and i started theming and I realized its a lot different from whited00r here are some major glitches below. I think  gonna hold out for a little

I was reading this web article and it said YouTube will soon be ending its support for the iOS youtube app of iOS 5 and earlier. Apparently they upgraded something in the soft ware that will stop videos from being watched on the app.
Please read the full article.

Free Forum! - Everything Off Topic Elsewhere Goes Here! / Ios 8.4
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:22:15 am »
Ios 8.4 completely redesigned the music app :( ill post pics when I download it hopefully tomorrow. But it's completely different
How are we gonna recreate that ?

Im on iOS 4.2.1 and I'm trying to jailbreak it i am using redsnow on a mac everything goes as planned except when it's supposed to boot up the apple logo never goes away and there is a little spinning wheel (pic below) any ideas ?

Amateur Developers / Fake apple watch app
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:52:49 pm »
I have been working on a fake apple watch app on appshed and it's almost done, still have some things to work out but I'm pretty proud of it,  I'll update it in the future but  it's good for now.
It will work on the iPhone 3GS and up to the 4S and the iPods

So i was going through my files trying to change the Font of the calendar app while I stumbled across a file, idk what it is, i opened it with "Notepad" when i change some thing and put it back the app wont open, i clicked on properties and it show me this information (image 1) and when i open it up like 10% is words and the other 90% are symbols and letters (image 2), do u have any idea what this is and how and of if i could edit it

So I haven't been on my iPod touch 2G since January 02 it's now January 12, it's been 10 days, the battery went down 40 present which is very good and it wasn't powered down. When I first went on it today I saw the contacts app was missing. So I respringed 2 times and then I tried turned it off, then I turned it on and the restore to iTunes logo was on the screen

Info, WD 7.1.4 , using my theme
I did not change any plist files in the contacts app.

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