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I could perhaps do some small stuff. I don't know much on how to code or anything but could maybe help with some other things. At the very least I'd be happy to beta test like I do for whited00r.

I have got a system running 10.10 Yosemite and it's great, but I would really love to see a little new life in my old beautiful Powermac G5. It would be amazing if someone would take up this project. By the way, where did you find beta 1? It could be interesting to take a look even if its just a few wallpapers.

The fuze I had was metal on the back but with a plastic-y blue finish.


1- In WD7.1 the app market was removed and the App Store Icon Opens the App Time Machine.
2-Did you restart after installation? The best thing to do is to wait 5 minutes after first boot then restart.
3- There are WD configuration settings in the settings app where you can turn these on.

Unfortunately, the best thing I can see for you to do is use WD6. WD7's theme is really much more than a simple theme because all the icons and images are so embedded into the filesystem so it would be very difficult to change. But yes, there are probably people working on it.

$15 is a great price. I would never sell my 2G MC for anything close to that low. Pick it up while you can! As for the support, I do not see Matteo (project founder) dropping support for the MC anytime soon because It is in very high demand. However, In the past, MC builds and betas have taken longer to become available because they are made differently than the other devices. But my guess is that the next versions of WD (MB and MC) will be released at the same time like with the WD7 release.

Have fun using whited00r!


First, I would try to use different USB cables and ports of you have not already. If nothing seems to be working, try putting your iPod into DFU mode then see if your computer recognizes it then try a fresh install.

Hello and welcome to the whited00r Forums!

Getting that symbol after a restore is normal on iOS versions less than iOS 5. Since WD is 3.1.3 based, you should be ok. Open iTunes on your computer then plug your iPod Touch in via usb. If all goes well, your computer and iTunes should recognize your iPod. Follow the steps on iTunes and you should be greeted with your springboard.  :)

Like Bruan said, It might not be the digitizer, but I would like to say I had the exact same problem after my brother dropped my iPod Touch 2g and replacing the screen and digitizer did the trick. (my screen was broken too)

I'm not really sure but I might as well go ahead and suggest going into the wireless settings and "Forgetting the Network" then trying to re connect.


Just to be safe make sure to try a few different cables and power sources. Is it recognized by your computer at all? You might get a pop up on your computer saying "this device has malfunctioned" or something like that. In that case it is probably in DFU. I would also try leaving it plugged in for a few hours I have had to do that a few times.

Congratulations! Restart your device one or two times and you will have your wallpaper as well as all the whited00r features.

Now, you go into iTunes and while holding the shift key (windows) or command (mac) click restore. A window will pop up for you to select the whited00r file.

Here is a more in-depth tutorial:

If you are using the "Normal" Version this should work great. If you are using the "unlocked version" you may need to downgrade your baseband if you have any errors in iTunes.

Hi and Welcome to the whited00r Forums!

Give this a try:

iTunes 16xx error even when using iReb - READ THIS

This verson of redsn0w enables you to enter pwnd dfu without your ISPW file.

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