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Try holding the power and home buttons for 10+ seconds and see if you can get out of DFU and try plugging in again.

Have you changed anything recently on your computer for example updating your OS? I got this message after installing Windows 7 from Vista. I fixed it by re-installing "Apple Mobile Device Support"

Do you have iTunes and "Apple Mobile Device Support" installed correctly?

Have you tried different ports? You say you tried to restore them using recovery mode. Try DFU mode. After entering DFU mode your computer should recognize your phones.

It is strange that both of your iPhones have this problem at the same time. This makes me think there must be something wrong with your cable. Have you tried using a deferent cable?

I have never tried to restore to whited00r on my MC model so I am not sure. If you had a MB model and you used iReb r5, it should have finished. To make sure of your model, you can look on the back near the bottom.

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Sorry, the iPod Touch 2g MC model is not supported at this time :(

Amateur Developers / Now on BigBoss!
« on: August 22, 2013, 03:08:06 AM »
Hey everyone!

About a day ago this theme was accepted to the BigBoss repository! (I don't know how)   ;)

View in BigBoss here:

Anyway, I haven't done any work on this theme since uploading to Myrepospace. (down now) Now that it is on BigBoss I will add more Icons and improve the Theme.

In BigBoss the theme is simply titled "Paint"

Remember to enable Summerboard Mode!

I do not personally have any device running 4.2.1 at the current time, so I can not give you the file. There are ways to get it by making the file and typing in the code.

You should also be able to extract it from the ispw.

When you say "How Can I get the camera on the lock-screen?" I assume you mean the camera slider? Here is a video made by CPVideoMaker showing how to add something similar.

You can also use the Quick Search on this website to find more information.

Go to terminal, and type "setup" without quotes. Follow the instructions after that.  :)

Congrats! Keep up the good work!

Well I'm sorry to contradict you but after a fresh Whited00r 6 install on iPhone 2G I can see:

-WDRecentApp = Enabled
-WDSara = Enabled

For tips about how to enable or disable Whited00r features see: Whited00r 6 - FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING!

I know they are both enabled default sadly :( I was just saying that you should have one or the other enabled. They conflict with each other. :)

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In terminal, you should only have Fast App Switcher OR Sara enabled. They conflict with each other.

Welcome to the whited00r forums!

Do they work if you already have music playing?
Did this happen before installing whited00r?

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