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Amateur Developers / iPhone 3Gs custom iOS 7 firmware!
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:59:09 PM »
i love whited00r 7 ,all features and theme are so cool!!
but i am using 3gs now...thinking about it i decided create ios 7 for iphone 3gs!!
all themes and custom ipsw that other person created dont feel me glad ...
take a look on my job!!

it include :

-ios 7 almost perfect theme
-offline siri (voice control hacked)
-ios 7 multitask
-ios 7 folders
-ios7 animations
-ipsw hacked to be fast and smooth

i will create a ipsw when sn0wbreeze support ios 6.1.6 !!

this topic is to people that love super mario bros games like me!!

i will show 3 mario bros  fan games for iphone 3gs,iphone 4,iphone 4s  ,whited00r ,iphone 5 and ipodtouch!

mario bros games para iphone e ipod:

Yoshi Story

Paper Mario

Paper Luigi

PortuguÍs / super mario bros fan games para iphone
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:39:44 PM »
esse topico e para quem e  fan de super mario bros como eu!
veja abaixo 3 fan games muito bons para ipod, iphone 3gs ,whited00r ,iphone 4 e iphone 5!

mario bros games para iphone e ipod:

Yoshi Story

Paper Mario

Paper Luigi

divirtao-se  :D

where i can find ios 6 privacy control plists using ifile or ifunbox?????
anybody know this path???

thanks for help!!!

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im working on a ios 7 theme for iphone 3gs and i changed many things using ifile..and i dont know what mistake i made and now all apps that i install and newsstand now has square icon !!
please help me!!what file must i edit to fix this!!!what png or plist make this???

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Amateur Developers / IOS 7 WD weather by me
« on: November 18, 2013, 02:55:44 AM »
download my version of weather that  is almost the same of ios 7 version ... replace the original weather app and set permissions on mobile terminal

Amateur Developers / iOS 7 Theme with Artwork File by cad111
« on: August 22, 2013, 05:48:25 PM »
this is my theme of ios 7!

-artwork files
-springboard files
-ios 7 apps theme (icons and apps like notes,voicememos and etc )
-ios7 icons

it is only for developers...comum  users wait for a stable version!

fell free to use my pngs to create whited00r 7 and create your themes!
please give me  a credit if use something!!


i finished my new version of other.artwork with ios 7 theme!!

if you have old version download it now!

im tring make a ios 7 theme for ipad 1 but i change the pngs but when i respring or reboot it uses the same old pngs !!! what must  i to do??

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / features and tweaks tips!
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:05:48 AM »
on next update you can set iconshadows ,spotlight and mobileme enabled,i tested all this features with all whited00r 6 tweaks enabled and i still have 49 mbs free!!it is safe to be set enabled by default with no ram problems !!
just fix wdfastappswitcher ram manager or make option to delete icons of taskbar and use backgrounder!!
the secret of a good memory ram is: set only background to mail,safari,message,music,video,phone,notes and settings!!
this apps are lightweight to processor close and launch other apps  ;)

Will be good if Notified pro and notification grip be installed by default notifications system ( install popupblocker to prevent popups on springboard) in whited00r 6.1 . I use and it works like a charm . i have ios 6 notification theme for notification grip ^^
If you want to include this i give you the png!

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Sara server option
« on: April 09, 2013, 05:32:26 AM »
Will be good if next update have option to change Sara server,because there are some spire proxys  in anothers languages like portuguese ,spanish and others!

Bug Report in Whited00r Itself Only! / WDFastappswitch memory issues
« on: March 21, 2013, 04:35:40 PM »
Wdfastappswitch needs be fixed because if you launch many apps this tweak will save all icons on multitask bar and it will eat all free memory on idevice! Maybe if change task switcher to save only 4 or 8 apps it will eat less memory! I found this bug because in tired of all apps start crash when you use idevice more than 1 hour! I installed darlo is multitaking and apps crash bug is solved!!
Wdfastappswitcher needs more work to net update!

Bug Report in Whited00r Itself Only! / No MobileMe daemon
« on: March 14, 2013, 07:17:01 PM »
I noticed that the folder launch daemons whited00r 6 is missing the daemon  AOSnotification.plist responsible for Sync with mobilme/ icloud !

how to fix mobileme/icloud sync???
someone has this daemon ???please uploud this!!!

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what do you guys think about  a photo slide presentation showing the app features and news from whited00r (themed configurator ios 6) activated by activator or scheduled to open the first boot after the restoration of the iphone. I think this presentation simulating configurator app after installing  would be a good program and I think a slide app should not be too hard right?

Someone can port wdsara to work on ios 4.2.1? I not good on mobile substrate :  /

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