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Hello everyone,
I saw this article and immediately thought about whited00r.

Apparently it is possible to download any version of an app directly from iTunes using this method, which would eliminate the need to crack and store ipas on the server. It seems very complicated but with some work, the process could probably be streamlined.


Redd00r - Archive / Icons Needed
« on: August 20, 2012, 01:17:23 AM »
Hi everyone.
I'm making a redd00r feedback app/bug report for the next version of redd00r, but I'm not real good at making icons. Is someone is willing to make an icon, that would be awesome.

PierreP moderator note 2013-07-31:
Redd00r is really buggy and old and does NOT work anymore. We recommend waiting for an update that will be announced after the next Whited00r update. Sorry, we cannot give a release date yet so please do not ask.

Meanwhile, you can try bcooperizcool's Archetype -- Custom firmware package for every iOS


Original post:

We strongly recommend you install this over a clean firmware, or without a lot of cydia tweaks installed. Otherwise, redd00r will be slow, as having a lot of tweaks + wallpaper + multitasking will use a lot of ram.
- BRAND NEW REMINDERS APP. AWESOME! AWESOME! Saving checkmarks, NOTIFICATIONS, and more! Check it out!
- Newsstand app, allows you to see news from whited00r!!
- Device now checks for updates on boot
- Fixed dock in optimized wallpaper
- New maps and settings icons
- Weather app updated
- Black Status bar like ios6 in Safari
- Option to remove retina images from the redd00r settings pane.
- Improved OTA code
- Config app now opens onboot
- Other bug fixes

Download via Cydia or OTA now
Note that this version requires the latest version of ch40s utilities, avaliable from me or brian's repo. DO NOT INSTALL THE REPOD00R VERSION, IT DOESN'T WORK!


It's finally here! The redd00r beta is now available for download for iPhone 3g and iPod touch 2g on iOS4.2.1! (MC and MB models). Redd00r has many features such as:

Please skim through this post before installing or complaining....

We try hard to have as many features as possible while minting decent performance. This is difficult, as ios4.2.1 is already slower than ios3/whited00r. Performance with optimal settings is similar to whited00r, but it varies by your settings.
Performance Chart
Feature                                             Performance Hit (Lower is better)
Redd00r Optimized Wallpaper         2/6 (Respring after changing wallpaper, optimized wallpaper is bosspaper)
Wallpaper Off                                     0/6
Native Wallpaper                                4/6 (NOT RECOMMENDED)
Icon Shadows ON                               6/6 (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Multitasking Off                                 0/6
Manual Multitasking                        2/6
Auto Multitasking                               3/6

Optimized or no wallpaper, manual or no multitasking, and transparency effects disabled.

Homescreen Wallpaper
Redd00r offers homescreen wallpaper for your old devices. We use optimized wallpaper (via bosspaper). This version is much faster than native, though it does lack some features. Unfortuantly the native wallpaper is pretty laggy and not very usable, so optimized is the best choice. You will need to RESPRING after setting wallpaper. Optionally you can use native wallpaper, but this will cause lag, especially with shadows.

Redd00r offers multitasking for your old devices. The default setting is manual multitasking. This version of multitasking works like whited00r. Apps quit normally, to keep an app running in the background, hold the home button. You can also use normal (auto) multitasking, but this could cause lag if too many apps are running in the backgrounder.

Redd00r offers native ios4 folders.

iOS5 Features
Redd00r offers reminders, newsstand (v 0.5.1) and icloud apps from whited00r.

iOS4 apps support
Since redd00r is ios4.2.1 based, you can install any app that requires ios4.2.1 or lower, offering a much wider range of apps than whited00r.

======= INSTALLATION ===========
Installation is much easier than whited00r. Instead of distributing through a .ipsw, which requires a restore, redd00r is installed through cydia, as a package. This means that you can install it on top of your existing setup, with no data loss. However,  for  speed, we still recommend you perform a clean restore to iOS4.2.1 before installing redder.

If you would not like to perform a clean install and are already on 4.2.1, but not jailbroken, skip to step 6
If you are already jailbroken, on 4.2.1, and would not like to restore, skip to step 10
If you want to restore or are not on 4.2.1, follow all these steps:

Optionally, if you have an iphone 3g and want to restore clean, you can use this firmware and install redd00r (v 5.1, once it comes out) on top of it. This firmware is prejailbroken, making installation faster. After that, you can skip to step 10.

1. Plug in your device into your computer and open iTunes.
2. Click on your device, then on the restore button.
3. Wait for your device to restore.
4. When prompted, choose if you would like to restore from backup or perform a clean install. We recommend a clean install.
5. Sync all of your data back.
6. Jailbreak your device. We recommend using redsn0w, download here:
7. Go through with jailbreaking, don't enable wallpaper multitasking or wallpaper. Enable battery percentage if you want it.
8. Once the device is jailbroken, open cydia and let it configure the filesystem
9. Open cydia again, letting cydia download the necessary source databases. You may receive a warning about cydia being outdated. Update cydia to the latest version.
10. UNLESS you are on the redd00r base firmware, install mobilesubstrate (most people already have this installed).
11. Add the repo:(click here to view the repo address) are going to add this to repod00r soon)
12. Install the package: Redd00r Beta For iPod touch (sorry I forgot to rename it)
13. After your device reboots, OPEN THE APP NAMED REDD00R
14. Run through the setup app, choose your settings. Note it may take up to several minuets to configure your device. DO NOT CLOSE THE APP. It may not seem like it, but the app is working. Just sit back and wait..
15. Once you respiring, you are done! You can change your settings any time in settings.

Keeping Redd00r Up To Date
Another cool feature of redd00r is you can install updates easily, no restore needed. By default, your device will check for updates automatically upon boot (ver. 5.1). To check for updates manually, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and tap check for updates. You will be informed with update info after a few seconds. You can also update redder through cydia. Please note that you will need to go through setup again. The setup app may not reflect your current settings.

When will iPhone 2g and iPod touch 1g support come out?
In case you weren't already aware, since redd00r is ios4 based, it does not support first generation devices.

Common Questions and Issues
Q: When installing, I get an error saying I need iOS4.3.2, or I get a dependency error about preference loader?
A: This is because I am hosting a version of mobile substrate that works on the redd00r base firmware and only that firmware (for some reason the version on suarik's repo doesn't work on it). The only way to get cydia to use that version over the one on suarik's repo is to change the version number to be newer than the one on suarik's repo. Unfortunately, for everyone else, they will see the update in cydia and if they don't have mobilesubstrate already, they won't be able to install tweaks.

1. Remove the "" repo.
2. Install mobilesubstrate (from suarik's repo)
3. Re-add my repo.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: After adding the "" repo I get an update for mobilesubstrate, but I can't install it?
A: See above.

For more FAQs, see Redd00r FAQ - iOS 4.1 & iOS 4.2.1 Speed Up & Modding - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Bug Reports: Go Here:

Go download this thing and share your opinion! Be sure to share your opinion in this topic!

NOTE: Don't complain about speed. We're doing are best. Make sure you are using optimal settings (Optimized or no wallpaper, Manual or no multitasking, no transparency effects). If you are not using these settings, expect lag. Also, don't ask for notification center. We have ideas about how to accomplish this, but it's not yet in development

Brian, for being a huge help. He provided testing, support and made a lot of the scripts needed for this to function.
Matteo, for making this project in the first place...

Soltmeal, FinkMac for Reminders, Newsstand. (small tweaks by ApplePie)
Bigboss for Bosspaper, Used for optimized wallpaper
DarkWeaver for WallpaperJPEGifier, Used for optimized wallpaper
ashikase for Backgrounder, Used for manual multitasking
EvilPenguin! for Remove Recents, Used for manual multitasking
Mr. Russian, for No Ghostly Icons, used to remove transparency effects
justinxxvii for data deposit, the app that was modded into icloud.


PierreP moderator note 2013-07-31:
Redd00r is really buggy and old and does NOT work anymore. We recommend waiting for an update that will be announced after the next Whited00r update. Sorry, we cannot give a release date yet so please do not ask.

Meanwhile, you can try bcooperizcool's Archetype -- Custom firmware package for every iOS


Original post:

BEFORE reporting a bug, try removing redd00r. If the issue persists, then it is most likely NOT a redd00r issue, remember, redd00r is BETA software (BETA = buggy!)

When posting a bug, please state:
- Your version (you should be on the latest....)
- Your device
- What jailbreak you used, or if you used the optional iphone 3g firmware base..
- If applicable, the settings you chose
- If you have an OTA related issue, please say so

Some common bugs
Settings crashes!
Try reinstalling ch40s utiliteis

Why of course its going to be slower than whited00r, ios4 is way slower than ios3 to begin with

Battery SUCKS!
Make sure it is redd00r. Try removing redd00r and seeing if the drain continues. iOS4 has bad battery life to begin with

PLEASE make sure the bug is a REDD00r bug, NOT an ios4 bug, before posting

Archives / Tapatalk Not Working
« on: March 13, 2012, 12:02:02 AM »
Everything's been weird since the forums changed. The latest issue I've been having is with Tapatalk....I can no longer connect to the forum using tapatalk. Now before anyone goes off saying tapatalk sucks, etc. I just want to say that I am a heavy user of tapatalk, and about 70% of my posts are through the app. I tried using the mobile theme through safari, but that seems to be nonexistent now. Personally I think that we should have some sort of good mobile access to the forums, Tapatalk, mobile site, whatever. We are an site about iPhones, right?

Or am I just doing something wrong?

Archives / Should We Include Siri (Sara) In Whited00r?
« on: February 04, 2012, 05:44:55 PM »
Basically what the title says. Should we include it?

Amateur Dev - Archive / Misconceptions About 3Store
« on: January 17, 2012, 04:55:24 AM »
Not sure if this is the right section but:
Misconceptions About 3Store
There has been a ton of misconceptions about 3store. This may have lead to the removal of the official appstore from wd5.1

1. 3store is an appstore replacement.
Wrong! 3store is a way to find apps that DROPPED 3.X SUPPORT. It is NOT a replacement for the appstore I dont know why people think it is. Even the creator of 3store, wyndrain, said it is not a replacement and wants the appstore back.

2. Apple is to blame for dropping 3.x Support
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Apple NEVER dropped 3.x support. This is a MASSIVE misconception. The issue is THE DEVELOPERS. It is harder to make apps support 3.x, using modern xcode. Due to the fact that the vast majority have ios4 or later, developers do not bother to make their apps compatible. It EVEN said on the 3store page that apple is to blame for this (read #3 for info about this 3store page). Remember when the appstore stopped working on 3.x? It was fixed less than a week later. Apple still cares (a little).

3. The 3store app database is at and is managed my CoolBreeze, JusTiz, Wyndra1n and me.
Wrong! In wd 5.1, the 3store app database is NOT the one at It is at: NONE of us knew about this even EXISTING until wd5.1. We didn't even make this and we cannot change it whatsoever.

4. Whited00r does not support piracy.
Please explain the direct links to apptrackr and getipa on the 3store page.

5. You can get any app in the world for ios3 from 3store
Wrong! In order for it to be available, it must meet ALL of the criteria:
1. It needs to have once supported 3.x AND armv6 (iPhone 3g, 2g, iPod Touch 1g, 2g MB, 2g MC). Many new apps may not have ever supported 3.x.
2. Someone needs to have uploaded a compatible version onto the internet. How else will we get the apps?
3. It needs to be found by apptrackr or getipa. Or else it wont show up under the 3store page search.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion about 3store.

Archives / Re: [Release] WD v5.1-All Devices-Normal and Unlocked
« on: January 16, 2012, 02:47:40 AM »
I locked the topic--please post your bug reports over here:

Tech Talks / Stop SOPA
« on: January 16, 2012, 02:45:31 AM »
(I do not intent this to be spam. I think this is relevant to whited00r, technology, and the internet)
What is SOPA?
SOPA is a law congress is about to pass which will allow internet censorship. It stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. The purpose of it is to stop piracy and copyright infringement. It will allow the blocking of any internet website just for containing copyrighted content. Entire sites could be shut down just because they contain an copyrighted pictures or links. This doesn't even have to be posted by the website--websites could be shut down just because a user or commenter posted an offending link.

The website could then be blocked to US visitors, be blocked from search engines, and have there paypal, ads, and other services shut down. Sites you visit daily could be blocked, and your email, facebook, twitter and more could be censored. Worse, it doesn't even stop pirates. People can still connect to the site using the server ip instead of the domain name. There is also a provision that says any user can go to prison for 5 YEARS just because they post copyrighted content, such as a copyrighted photo.

What sites are at most risk? Any site where people express themselves or post content: we are talking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Sopa will put small internet businesses at risk of being shut down. It will have a huge negative impact on the economy. Also, sopa was written with little imput from people who actually know how the internet works. Sopa will also cause many security flaws, leaving websites more vanurable.

You may ask: How can I help? One great website with lots of information and ways to help stop sopa is: There is also a great article about it here:


Whited00r 5.1 Release
It's here!
Matt released Whited00r 5.1 for all devices. Both normal and unlocked versions are available. If you are using the unlocked version you will need a push notification patch. If you are using Whited00r with your original carrier or if your phone is factory unlocked, use the normal version.

The appstore is still disabled. If you want the appstore back, you can vote here:

This version has the settings configurator disabled, until some bugs with it can be fixed. You can use the command line configurator by opening terminal, then typing:
Code: [Select]

There is no official changelog yet.

iPhone 2g:

iPhone 3g:

iPod Touch 1g:

iPod Touch 2g MB:

You will need to REBOOT after installation for the features to work.

See my blog post:

Great Success!

Thanks to the whole whited00r community!

Archives / Petition To Bring Back the App Store
« on: January 12, 2012, 03:16:12 AM »
Look, replacing the appstore with 3store is the WORST idea ever. How many apps still support 3.x in the app store? It may not seem like a ton, but a lot still do. The idea of 3store was to provide a place to store apps that lost 3.x compatibility, not to replace the appstore.


Amateur Dev - Archive / @Whited00r1.1: A Whited00r Site Viewer
« on: December 19, 2011, 12:20:47 AM »
Introducing version 1.1 of @Whited00r! If you don't already know, @Whited00r is a little whited00r site viewer that lets you view the whited00r site, forum, twitter, and facebook.

-Each site now has a home button. Tapping it will bring you back to the original page like you first opened the app. So if you were browsing the forum, you could press home and it would take you back to the forum homepage.
-New artwork (thanks to Whites and Sniper&Assaulter)
-Forum Page now opens the forum (mobile formatted) not the portal (not mobile formatted).

Whats coming in 2.0 (Once I learn how to use table views):
-More Twitter Accounts
-Whited00r Youtube
-About Screen

I need help with...
-An Icon for the home button
-Some Table View help

Downloads Below! Also if you prefer other/the old artwork, you can download them below. (IPA is first download)

Archives / Re: @Whited00r: A Whited00r Site Viewer.
« on: December 14, 2011, 04:02:46 AM »
Only 86 downloads :(
EDIT: 92! Still low though :(

Tech Talks / Forum
« on: December 14, 2011, 03:27:26 AM »
So I see we managed to restore the media section and home page...however there is a big issue with @Whited00r with this fix. Now the "home button" on the forum mobile theme points to the regular home page (not mobile themed) instead of the forum page. If a forum dev could change the "home" button on the mobile theme to point to instead of I would be very happy!


Archives / @Whited00r: A Whited00r Site Viewer.
« on: December 10, 2011, 02:58:55 AM »
Introducing @Whited00r, Your Whited00r News Hub

I am very exited to announce the release of @Whited00r! What is @Whited00r? @Whited00r is an app that allows you to view various whited00r sites from one app. You can browse the forum (using the mobile theme), browse the whited00r site, tweet, or post a comment on facebook, from one app.

@Whited00r 1.0 Features:
See the latest posts (recent unread topics)
Browse the Forum
View the Whited00r Site
Read tweets from @Whited00r
Post Comments on Facebook.

This app is made from scratch in xcode. It is my first app I have made using xcode.  Please help suggest things to make this app better! If you have better graphics, feel free to send me them. Some features that I am considering is the youtube page and twitter @Matt. I am also considering making an iPad and Retina version, but I don't know what the demand is for that. Also, if anyone knows how to hide the status bar at the splash screen only, please tell me. Feel free to share you ideas and feedback!



Main Page:

Downloads Below!

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