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Grayd00r Software Introduction
an injection of new life into your outdated device

Twitter: @grayd00r

Finally, after a long wait, some news from us. Maybe not what you were hoping for on Whited00r, but still good news overall in the long run.
Grayd00r aims to provide more than just an iOS 9 styled install for iOS 5 devices, it is meant to be a more customizable backend for the long run.
However, we used what we have learned from Whited00r releases to try and better build Grayd00r from the start, putting in lots of backend work that you may never even notice.

Grayd00r is a suite of custom built tweaks and modifications to stock iOS designed to provide outdated Apple devices with a bit more life than they would otherwise receive. This is done by speeding up the devices overall and providing optimized software and modifications to the device to give it the look and feel of newer iOS versions.

We know older devices don’t have the hardware punch newer devices do. That’s why all the tweaks and modifications made to the device are done keeping speed in mind without cutting corners on the end functionality.  Each tweak and modification is built to take advantage of the hardware and software it runs on, keeping the experience rich and the system load light.

Customization is a key part of Grayd00r.  While we do provide the default tweaks and modifications for Grayd00r aimed for a good speed/feature mix, not every user is the same. That’s why we provide plenty of configurable options available to the end user, ranging from simple enabling/disabling of system and tweak features to a whole plugin system that runs throughout the system that allows for anyone to easily create and load custom built modules to truly customize their experience.

Even though an early beta, Grayd00r is the best option for revitalizing your device, providing features such as:

iOS 9 Styled UI*
Grayd00r provides an ever improving iOS 9 like UI via a combination of a powerful dynamic theming tweak and stock image modifications. This also includes an efficient blur system which provides an iOS 9 like blur for various tweaks and features in Grayd00r.

Control Center*
Just swipe up and take control of your device. Fully compatible with Flipswitch, this will allow you to pick and choose an indefinite number of buttons and toggles.

Slide Over Styled App Switcher
A convenient and elegant way to switch between recent applications, styled after Apple's iOS 9 Slide Over feature.
Switching is made possible by simply swiping your finger from the right display edge to reveal a sidebar with your most recently use applications.

screenshot pending?
iOS 9 Styled Lockscreen*
The first thing you notice when you install Grayd00r is the lockscreen. Features and little details continue to be added to refine the part of Grayd00r you see the most often.

Speed improvements
Grayd00r is configured a mix of speed and features by default, being faster than stock iOS by default. However, we provide users with options to even further speed up the experience if they wish, by disabling even more features they may not ever use.

Software Updates*
Grayd00r comes with an update system which allows for users to always get the latest software updates without needing to perform a complete re-install each time just to get a small update. This system also allows for us to push out different types of updates, stable and unstable. This means that testing can be done more efficiently and helps us give everyone a better experience.

*All features marked with the * are part of a modular plugin backend which provides developers with API and a base to start with, meaning anyone can easily create a plugin for this backend - allowing for radical changes to the entire experience of using the device.
This benefits everyone in the community, as users can easily install and swap between these plugins.

The future of Whited00r
No, we haven't completely forgotten whited00r!  I know there hasn't been much word about anything here, and that's mostly because we have been busy putting together Grayd00r.
The plan for Whited00r is to back port what we can from Grayd00r once it is complete and stable. It doesn't make sense trying to port anything *before* then as it would just be lots more work to do everything twice and debug twice on everything every time we made a small update.
It makes sense to do it after one product is completed so we know it works there and then back port it.
No ETA, as always, and we haven't started on anything here yet. 

However, just know that the way Grayd00r handles things is much better, and provides much more longevity in terms of customization and feature support. We used what we learned from the releases of whited00r previously to try and better set up Grayd00r.

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