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Try getting your device into pwned-DFU mode with iREB. It works for me every time. ;)
Thanks for the pointer.

iREB home page and download link:
You're welcomed.  ;D



one try for ireb WD6 intalled ^^
I've been suggesting to you to use it since my first post here.  ::)

Current version is 1.1.8 good sir

So I searched for Cydia 1.1.8 requirements and it seems that it requires IOS 5+ so not compatible w/ whited00r.

BTW the repring loop bug is still there on whited00r 6 on my iPhone 3G.
It has been there for ages on iOS 3.1.3.

il try the root sol.. how do you acces it? tried in terminal.. i typed root and it was an unrecognizable command.
Type su, then alpine, then the commands he gave.  :)

1. Some default wallpapers are missing.
2. The FastAppSwitcher lags a bit when scrolling pages here and there. And there seems that vertical scrolling on
    the icons make the icon name being scrolled.
3. Everytime I scroll down the page in TimeMachine to download an app, the prompt alert to press the "OK" button
    always appears on the top of the page, making it frustrating for me to scroll up everytime when I want to
    download an app.
4. There seems to be a problem with the "setup" script in Mobile Terminal. After enabling the push notification with
    the "setup" script, i tried to go back to the main menu but it still reloads the page of the "push notification

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Off Topic
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:07:50 AM »
Any update for the instagram?
You should always post in the proper thread. This one is about Dropbox no about instagram.

Off topic.

Forum Rules:
Everybody does that.  :P

I Had text+ on WD 5.2 and I restored to upadte to WD6 and it's not on the New App Store Thingy. I don't have a backup of that ipa. Does anyone have an iOS 3 version I could have?
You should've back it up.  :(

Try this version and see if it works on your Device. Download Insagram Whited00r Tested iPa  ;)
this not crash, but the problem is apple says "your instagram version is out of date, please upgrade your device to use instagram"  hahaa ;D
I just saw the first post and post my reply.  :P

my iphone is unlocked and jail break before...
and i enjoy using WD5 with it,

the problem is, i update it with WD6 normal.
then the update was sucesefull.
i reboot it twice,
then when i open it i can only use emergency call? why???
i try to restore i itunes, Sim card not supported.

i tried the recovery mode in itunes,
i got 1600 error and 1510 error,

i tried redsn0w the new version
usb communicating error

i tried the older version of redsnow
ot contine flashing....
and freeze..

help me guys out, my iphone is unlocked and jaildbreak before
do i need to jail break and unlock this again?

im trying all the replys you send guys,
and i keep on searching for the solution..
I told you to use iREB... :P
After that restore to the hacktivated firmware. if your problem continues, redownload the firmware.  :(

does it mean that there's no more the multitasking in WD6 ?

Bug reports from a user:

Hello did anyone noticed that Safari's Javascript is Disabled?? I tried enabling/disabling trhough settings App, but apparently it has no change in Safari app.. bc It is disabled, I know bc Facebook doesnt load properly and when you access Twitter website it says that I have to enable Javascript... Does anyone know about this?
I triedswitching off the Sharer plugin through "setup" scrpit but.. still the same

Another random bugs:
*Airplane mode toggle doesnt work properly
*Localization doesnt work

Device: iTouch 2G MB model WD6


i just installed whited00r 6 on my iPhone 2G.
Everything is pretty fine, but i really cant handle with the "App Market", so the feature 3 markets in one.
When i open it i can only start the normal Appstore, which shows me then "Can not connect to iTunes STore ", there is no cydia, and no real Apple Appstore.

So how can i install the stock Appstore again? And maybe delete the App Market? The same thing with cydia?

Once that is done how, is it possible than to install Apps that require iOS 4.x? I think most of the Apps require it, there is only a very small amount which still are officially installable on iOS 3.x.

Thanks for you help
Appstore works! When AppStore shows you that message, just press one of the sections at the bar at the bottom of the screen. It will load.  ;)
Well, if you want to remove AppMarket, search the guide in the forums. I remember there was one once.  8)

Finally, apps that require iOS4.X can't be installed on Whited00r that is based on iOS 3.1.3. So you'll just have to find old versions of the apps you want to be installed on your device. Either that or you restore to Red00r that's based on iOS 4.2.1.  :P

Amateur Developers / Re: Help?
« on: December 14, 2012, 06:27:46 AM »
I don't know how exactly, but you can try to look for a Settings.bundle for the iOS 3 Wallpaper tweak. I don't know exactly where the supporting files of the tweak are stored, so you would have to ask a developer of WD6 for that info. I would have searched for you (I have an MC device, but I decrypted WD6's ipsw to use it for ideas and reference), but I am quite busy right now. I'm sure someone else can help you find the bundle and edit it. ;D
I think I may have an idea to do that, but I'm busy now.  :P

Help me Sir, The App Market seems to be not working after Upgrading to Whited00r 6 Firmware.

 It just shows a black screen when it starts and than it just quits.
Help me please
Try restoring again.  :-\

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