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Enable it in Mobile Terminal. Launch Mobile terminal and then press "su" then "return". Then press "alpine" then "return". After that press "setup" then "return". There will be a few options available for you. So go ahead and use the first one and follow the instructions. After that respiring your device with the Respring toggle provided in Settings>General and then scroll to the bottom. ;) If that does not solve your problem, go to Settings>General>Spotlight Search to choose what to search for in your search page. The Whited00r CFW comes by default with the "Audiobooks" section to be enabled in the Spotlight Search only, so go there and make your selection!  ;)  If your problem still exist, you should check if the Spotlight Search daemon ( is deleted in System/Library/LaunchDaemons . If it is, put it back in that directory with this backup file of mine:  :D

Try Google. He has infinite answers for you my friend.  :D


i need A working Viber on WD6

Here's your solution!  ;)
Viber v2.1.4 download link: Download

If that version doesn't work for you then try this Viber of version 2.1.3: Download  8)

Search the forums sometimes, okay?  ;D

Hello guys,
I have a similar problem...I accidentally deleted the time machine URL and now if I tap on app market and then on time machine nothing happens.

Is there a way to restore (or change) the time machine URL without opening the time machine itself?

How about trying a respiring through the toggle in Settings > General > Respring on the bottom or hard-rebooting your device (by holding the sleep and home button until the apple logo appears on a black screen?  :)

Lastly, I don't think that you can change the time machine URL without opening the Time Machine app itself. :(

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Well, I suggest that you go for unlocked. You get to use sims from all over the world when you go traveling. And you wont need to restore just to do that when you're traveling.  ;)

Try this version and see if it works on your Device. Download Insagram Whited00r Tested iPa  ;)

Either you use the Cydia AutoInstall to install deb files or you install them with iFile.  ::)

In Whited00r 6, the iOS 3 Multitasking tweak by Darlo770 has been replaced with the FastAppSwitching tweak from Cydia for more speed that doesn't use on Backgrounder. The tweak basically shows the apps that are recently launched by the user only. And this means that the multitasking feature is removed plus the respiring egg, music controls along with it.  ;)  If you want to remove that tweak and get the iOS 3 Multitasking tweak by Darlo770, then you will need to remove/rename /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/WDFastApp.dylib to something else (not .dylib though). Then install iOS3 Multitasking from the repo or place this file in /var/root/Media/Cydia/[/size]AutoInstall [/color][/size]and reboot your device twice! [/color][/size]Alternatively, you can power off once and then respring.[/color][/size] [/color] ;D

i tried redsnow
pwned DFU mode?
i try a lot of times i only got usb communication error in entering DFU mode

but itunes detect my iphone for a recory mode?

what ipsw will i use to restore?
Try getting your device into pwned-DFU mode with iREB. It works for me every time. ;)

Go to settings and see if the auto-correct is enabled in general>Keyboards.

I have a iphone 2g that I have just jailbroke and am looking to get a ios 5.0 or higher for it.  I have tried the ios6 on here but I couldn't download anything. If anyone has and suggestions on how and where to get the ios 5.0 or higher please let me know how and where? I am just looking to install an app to be able to accept credit cards, particularly square which requires ios 5.0.  I really need help here.

Whited00r is a Custom Firmware that's based on iOS 3.1.3. So you can't get any app that has a higher iOS requirement than iOS 3.1.3 to be installed on your device! So installing iOS 5.0 or higher requirement apps is useless...  :P

How about you remove the current app switcher and replace it with the old one from the repo. Remove/rename /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/WDFastApp.dylib to something else (not .dylib though)Then install iOS3 Multitasking from the repo. That should do it.  ;)     

Try respringing or hard-rebooting.

Quote from: nreducto01 link=topic=6916.msg67535#msg67535 date=
Never restore from backup. It causes a lot of issues for a majority of users, even for official firmware..  :)
Never mind, apparently I figured out, understand why it happened and solved my problem. Those apps were in Folders when I backup with iTunes. So there were no folders feature in iOS 3. So iTunes just back them up as apps? Images? So I installed iFile and make the glitch. They all appeared on the homescreen already. :P

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