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I have had this error several times I fixed it by using iReb ->
or try using a different pc and usb cable & update itunes as well



Where can I find a download link for ios 3.1.2 for my ipod touch 1g?

but the wifi turns off as well then it stays off and I have to re-enable wifi in teh wifi bit

Bug Report in Whited00r Itself Only! / Airplane mode
« on: December 22, 2012, 12:06:25 PM »
The toggle when tuned on turns straight back off ?

Airplane mode toggle doesn't  work well it tuns on then off
iPod touch 1st gen running WD 6

Yes in the newest versions you go into general>Cellular>Tethering
(That's what I think...) 

yes after I installed opera the problem has reappeared.
my cydia tweaks are (LOCKINFO, activator, barrel, quickreply sms, preferenceloader) if this can help. thanks
Try this reinstall back opera mini, and make sure the problem is there reboot, if its still there put your device into safemode and let me know if you still have that problem if you do then it really is Opera Mini try getting a next version, But if the problem is not there then it has to be one of the tweaks or apps you downloaded from Cydia. Thats Cusing the conflict.

If you did that then try getting a app that would disable deamons to pin point which one is giving the problem, try quick reply sms since i never had that before so I dont know, but try it and let me know.

Sbsettings has this Feature and also Overide for whited00r if you have others use them, and post back if you found the culprit ok
Its preference loader it overwrites things in the settings menu so unless you uninstall preference loader safari will be gone... that's what i found out anyway

I am the only one that have problems with itunes synchronization? Itunes crashes every time I try to synchronize my iphone. So I can't put music, photos or videos..nothing on the phone. Is there a solution?
Well if you are on windows iTunes is made deliberately to be bad so yea...
dam apple  >:(

pwned DFU in  iREB 1st, then after that open itunes. make sure its itunes 10.
after shift+restore,

i have the same prob last day,
i tried every software,
the only thing that works is iREB
you could get a firmware from red-snow that puts your device into a pwned dfu mode then install whited00r on to of that

bump! u cant with new multitasking
Oh yea forgot about that you will need to  add to your cydia sources and then download WD Rotation lock.
Then hold the status bar to enable/disable rotation

Troubleshooting - Archive / Re: how to disable screen rotation?
« on: December 15, 2012, 01:12:54 PM »
dubble tap the home button and swipe right there should be a black button on the right like this :

Tap it and it should say portrait orentation locked or something like that.

you where using an ipad base baseband right...
well sir I am sorry to tell you
But you bricked your Phone

I dont think that spell check is in ios 3.1.3 but the auto correct IDK how to fix... as spell check is in ios 4+

you could install old store from the repo and it will put the 3 store and app store on your spring bourd

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