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Hello community and I have a favour I would like to ask from our windows users
Would it be possible for everyone to send me their devices PID and type that is found under the device manager settings. And to find this out its really easy :)

Plug in your iPod and wait for it to be detected

1. Plug in device
2. Click the windows key
3. Type "Device Manager" in the search bar and click on it
4. ( may be different on different operating systems) click on portable devices or the Universal serial bus subsection.
5.  Right click on the Apple iPhone or iPod
6. A menu should pop up click "Properties"
7. There word property should appear on your screen and then a bubble under it, click that bubble and a whole list of options should pop up find Hardware Ids ( should be the second option) and click it
8. There is the information I need

For example write the post like this one below.

Device: iPod Touch 1G
Bus reported device description: iPod
Hardware Ids: VID_05AC

So far I have the iPod touch 1G added to my list...
I need the following:
iPod touch 2G (MB)
iPod touch 2G (MC)
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G

Thanks in advance :)

So I have another bug to report @bruan :))

To recreate it you will need a passcode lock and set it to only ask after 1 minuite (or more)
Then try and swipe twice quickly it may crash (it didn't always... :( )

The syslogd along with crash report is here

I hope we can find the cause...

Nothing custom apart from my modules and the music controlls tweak in the repod00r repo
And no restore from a backup
As well as the latest OTA

I'm not going to directly link everything that you should know as part of the learning process is to how to use keywords properly :P (I'm also a "bit" lazy)

So the other day I remembered perl is (kinda) ported to iOS when I went to install Theos a fair time ago. While reading stuff to to set up a cydia repository you need dpkg -scanpackages (and a modified one at that) this uses perl so technically you can run a cydia repository without a computer as long as you have a FTP client installed (there are many good ftp clients (I use ncfp but there is an ftp client preinstalled)

- an ftp client
- iPod / iPhone or Unix based OS (android and Linux distros work to along with Mac OSX) however it would be different for ios. You CANNOT do this on windows*
- webspace using a hosting service + domain with FTP access

Step 1
Install perl from but it's a bit more advanced than adding the repo in cydia. And you can find more information about that on the website.

Step 2
download and install perl in cydia (it will download all the dependancies automatically :) ).

Step 3
Download the zip that will be attached to this post. It contains a perl script (dpkg - scanpackages) the basic file structure for a good repo and some shell scripts to automate almost the whole process :P

Step 3.5
Put the dpkg -scanpackages in /usr/bin and give it read, write and execute permissions.

Step 4
To create the debs place (with the basic Deb structures if you don't know what this is Google it :P ) into the files directory and when is ran it will delete all the debs and rebuild your repo (and debs) every time to fix any possible errors.

If all has gone to plan the repository should work. Any errors you get tell you exactly what's wrong :P (wrong md5 sum = wrong md5sum | size mismatch = different sizes in the packages file vs real file e.t.c.).

*You cannot do this on windows as it handles permissions differently and (rather) stupidly

To create a cydia package or .deb as it's also known, you need to have a bit of know how on how iPods work. Firstly they are a unix based system (as well as Linux and OSX) so at the end of every line there is a break which you don't see.
In windows this break is
And in unix it's

iPods will only work with the LF meathard so if using windows you will need notepad++ or create the debs on your iPod.

Step one - control files
A control file is needed as the base of your deb as everyone needs one.
The basic layout is as follows
Create a folder called: DEBIAN (all caps) and then a file within that that is called control. Then the text file should be called control with no extention. And the file should contain this basic layout.
Code: [Select]
Package: com.yourname.packagename
Name: Name of package
Version: Version number
Section: is it a tweak, utility, app or theme
Architecture: iphoneos-arm (the base architecture of ios do not change this!)
Depends: any package dependacies or firmware dependacies (line can be removed if there are no dependacies)
Description: Insert a discription
Author: your name <[email protected]>
Maintainer: Your name or maintainers name <[email protected]>
This is the basic layout of a control file. Everytime you want to put out an update change the version number to be higher than the current version.

Creating your layout
Depending on where you want your files to go depends on the layout of this section. As an example I am going to use a typical module layout.

The path to the folder is
This will place the file in that folder and dpkg (the way packages install. I will explain this more later).
So create a folder for
var then a folder within that called mobile and so on...
after that is done you have told dpkg where your files go.

Once the folder layout has been setup you can build your package. To do this you need to have dpkg installed (it comes pre-loaded on Jailbroken devices and all the diffrent Linux flavors). It is a lot easier to do this stage on a Linux computer or the iPod itself. This will be written if you where doing it on an iPod.
Firstly open terminal and login as root (su then alpine or whatever your password is)
The use the cd command to your folder you stored your debian and files for your package (for me it would be cd /var/mobile/debs)
Then type dpkg -b
Dpkg will return errors (at a maximum of 3 ignorable errors about user defined fields which you can ignore) and then the deb will have been created in the same directory.

(screenshots are from the building of my update to the retina remover module)

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

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