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I updated with beta 3! It is starting to come along
Will get this installed ASAP. Looks like it's coming along nicely!

Whited00r hiện không hỗ trợ iPhone 3GS chỉ iPod Touch 1G , 2G ( Mc & Mb bộ nạp khởi động ), iPhone 2G và iPhone 3G

Hey itechy21 I tried draining the power and connecting to a power source but no screen activity and when connected to PC it doesn't show up even I can't put it in dfu mode >:(
That's because you have been messing with the bootloader level and done something wrong (I think) which renders the device bricked if anything goes wrong. So you have paperweight on your hands unfortunately.

First question did you restore from a backup?

What version of iTunes?  I get the same thing with iTunes 8.2.1 on WinXP (and iTunes 10.something, which was what was on the old beast initially).  There doesn't seem to be a way to just show the devices in iTunes in DFU mode without it barfing over the Internet connection.  Is there any way besides iTunes to load the Whited00r ipsw??  Has anyone gotten this to work recently??
Itunes is trying to prevent DFU mode now by forcing WTF mode from what I can tell. I used iTunes 10 and it was fine with 0 issues... its just I would have no idea on how to downgrade iTunes on a mac...

I have a jailbroken iPod Touch 2G running iOS 4.2.1 and was wondering if there's a .deb package or AppTimeMachine somewhere? The Stock App Store is pretty worthless on this.
Unfortunately, we don't distribute ATM outside of whited00r due to tight integration with the system and to stop the servers getting overwhelmed with traffic. So to use AppTimeMachine you need to have Whited00r Installed.

Just got back to pfutzing with my old iPod Touch 1g again.  I restored it to the "latest" iOS 3.1.3.  I went into redsn0w, successfully got it into DFU Mode, and ran its jailbreak on it.  Then, I go into iTunes on my Mac running Yosemite, and I can't get further. iTunes recognizes at some level that there's an iPod plugged into it, because it says the iPod software update server could not be contacted and "more information" shows error 1478.  It knows there's an iPod plugged into the USB.  But otherwise, it doesn't even show the device within iTunes.  So, I can't alt-click on "Check For Update" and select/install the Whited00r ipsw.  If I go back in with redsn0w, it shows it as being in "WTF Mode".  It was NOT in "WTF Mode" prior to running iTunes. 

I'm wondering if there's some issue with current iTunes?  Has anyone attempted to install Whited00r recently with reasonably-current MacOS/iTunes?
I had this issue with a newer version of iTunes and downgraded and that fixed this issue. However that was on a windows machine... I'm not really sure how to downgrade iTunes on a mac...

I'll charge up my 3G and check and see if I can get the weather here. It could be Yahoo finally did deprecate the API used in the 3.1.3 version of the app though.
I restored whited00r (I normally do once every ~6 months) and with location services enabled it can't seem to grab any city by name or postcode (zip code :/ ) I think that's another app that has dropped support :'( I'll dig around and see what I can find...

I'm having problems adding a location in (yes I know how it works ;-) ) on 3.1.3. It used to work, now the App doesn't find any location (tested on 2 devices). Anyone else with this Problem?
After playing around I get this issue too :-\
I think it might be due to Yahoo changing the way their weather API works therefore meaning that the stock 3.1.3 app is no longer supported :( but there are a few other apps you can use in App Time Machine (I recommend ACCU weather as its great and actually readable on the small screens)

Thanks canadiandude1 for reporting back and telling us how you fixed the issue! 8)

1. I dont have orginal cable is that important ?
2.redsn0w is not detecting my iphone iReb too
3.i think its  4.2.1 i know that is the lastest that been working on iphones 3g

Ok. what version of Redsn0w are you using?
And does your PC even detect the device in normal mode? (Plays the device connected sound)

And sorry for the late reply been busy revising for exams I have in January...

Hello i Have IPHONE 3G that been lying on shelf long time
i wanted to instal whited00r on it

I have
Iphone 3g White
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Itunes ver

Iphone is on the orginal Firmware
No jailbraked
and dont have simlock

i cant get to pwned mode
Ireb v7 is not working
Redsn0w Too
:/ so you have any ideas how to get it work ?
Have you tried using the official Apple USB cable?
Are you using the version of the tool provided in the firmware zip?
And lastly what version of iOS is the device running?

I was wondering what the best way to unzip and save to home screen .ipa files without using itunes or a computer  also i need a way to do this in a appshed app AND in a website. Thanks!
Without a PC you're best bet would be a unzip terminal tool on you're device... Or you could use iFile but I don't know how well that would cope with IPA files...

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