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Hello I might be able to help with your questions

1. Firmwere is the os of the phone

2. In the search bar type in cydia if there is a result then you are jailbroken

3. You might have to do some baseband stuff but it is a modifyed version of ios 3.1.3 which has all the features of ios 6 (not the app related things though  :-\ )

4. As you are running a newer version of the apple ios you would need to downgrade ( Link follow the instructions

5. I think that the unlocked may be your best bet running WD 6.0

6. and click on the mirror button under the unlock section

7. I dont really know but it is reccomended that you make a backup of your iPhone in itunes incase of a restore

Useful links7 install information

Tech Talks / Re: Swapmode for the iPhone
« on: May 30, 2013, 03:01:13 PM »
which basically makes it "not jailbroken" .....  ;)

There is a new SwapMode (1.2.2) just a new UI and a better icon really.. here edit by bcooperizcool to link snip
Just tryied the link it needs taking down as not child apropriate

This proberly sounds stupid as you dont want to pay anything but I would suggest trying to brick it so that it dosnt turn on and go into the apple store. They will proberly give you a newer one but it wont cost too much

However you cannot use whited00r to install apps with a version requirement higher than 3.1.3 as the processor cannot run it

I thought I would let you know from experience try using a different USB cable. If that dos'nt work try a different computer. Then if that dos'nt work try updating itunes to the latest version. By using ASU (apple softwhere update). And lastly try using Ireb to fix the problem it can be found here:

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