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My baseband is - 04.05.04_G
No. I haven't restored it from any backup, nor made any tweaks.
WiFi hotspot won't work, because the WiFi just spins, searches the signal - but doesn't show any.
So I want to use internet on my iPhone using laptop's internet via USB/Bluetooth. But I don't know how to reverse-tethering (?).
Ok I did a quick forum search and found that the BB 04.05.04_G is corrupted from what is sounds....
Just a heads up here, but I don't own an iPhone so I can't offer 100% assurance this would work... But could you go back to stock and re-install the instructions see if that fixes the issue (and tell me the Baseband version then)... I'll look into this more and see if I can find a fix for the BB but I can't guarantee anything....

For step one did you restore from a backup?
And what is your baseband?

As for step 2 try following this tutorial on Windows.
How To Geek - How to Turn Your Windows PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

I would like to access all my PDFs and images offline when saving them in Evernote. Evernote for iOS 6 allows my to do so but not Evernote for iOS 3.
So how can I get the "access your notebooks offline" feature with a Free account?
due to changes in the firmware I don't think that this is possible :'(
and I would have kept this together and edited the title (which I have done for you ;) )

Firmware news and updates / Re: Please Report inappropriate or spam posts!
« on: September 24, 2015, 11:48:58 PM »
It's been a while since your message has been posted.  Is there any more spam?
It's been a while since I had to ban someone... but it's a continuous process...

Unfortunately something changed with Viber so some 3rd Party notifications just don't work anymore :/
And its weird that notifications aren't working...
What's your Baseband?
I can't offer 100% support myself as I don't own an iPhone unfortunately :/

Amateur Developers / Re: My Raze phone Died can I beta test or something?
« on: September 19, 2015, 10:06:26 PM »
We only have a release candidate for grayd00r although you didn't hear that from me  ::)
and nothing to test for whited00r yet...

Hi guys, I have installed WD 7.1 both on my iPhone 3G and my iPod Touch 2G. It's great! Congratulations to all the team who made this wonderful project!

I'm a graphic designer and if I can help you in any way will be a pleasure for me.

I have two suggestions.

1) The control center toggles in iOS 8/9 style.
    I found a tweak named "Centrex" that apply this graphical changes on iOS 7. I think could be useful.

2) In the control center a fake AIRDROP label. Only for our eyes, no function, no hope of interaction. But I think could be cool.

And I found this article, I think can be useful to suggest some ideas to us.

Bye, peace! :)
Welcome to the forums! Nice to see new faces every so often :)
Anyway I think Whited00r 8 may be skipped like Windows 9 depending on how things work out :P and we tend to avoid visual features as stated in the OP as they waste space some devices really need.
Many of the developers and team members own newer iOS devices (I myself have an iPad 2) and we can explore the differences :P but we will take any useful information we can get! ;)

İf i install Whited00r 7.1 is my apps delete ? >:(
İs Whited00r only supporting 3.1.3 ???
You have to restore to install whited00r meaning that you lose all your data when you install it. And Whited00r is based on ios 3.1.3 and looks like ios 7 and only supports that firmware...[/td][/tr][/table]

Did you restore from a backup in itunes?
And have you installed the OTA Updates?
And what is your baseband?

before posting a new thread kindly do a quick search regarding the problem...
the problem u r stating has already been solved

here :,12411.0.html
Use the above link to fix this. It's related to substrate safe mode breaking everything. So you need to downgrade it to an older version for it to work.
Or when you restore don't install the upgrade to substrate safe mode and it should fix your issue.

If the home button is broken I would suggest the above tutorial to downgrade your substrate safemode tweak. To avoid this issue in the future and don't update it either

It's to do with substrate safe mode breaking everything unfortunately. To get out of safe mode you will need to perform a hard reset which requires you to press and hold the home & power button until the device reboots.

I think app time machine has been fixed so it should be working again

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