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Amateur Developers / iOS 8 Themed Control Center for WD7.1
« on: September 26, 2014, 02:10:16 AM »
I want to share my iOS 8 Themed Control Center for WD7.1

New iOS 8 theme
The colors of no blur effect CC (image 1) is picked from iPad 2's iOS 8 Control Center (also no blur effect)
Colors of icons is also picked from iPad 2's iOS 8 Control Center (not plain black)
Padlock in Rotation lock icon opens when switched off. (like in original iOS 7 & 8 CC)
90%+ clean (some icons are having black dots especially in Blur effect but just very very little)

Circles & boxes in blurred CC looks not clearly visible in the images but I assure you that in actual iPhone screen its good, because I choose the right opacity of it to fit in both dark background blur and light background blur. :)

Thanks :)

I've just noticed that when I use the lock feature of assistive touch, and when I wake up my iPhone again, the launch button is positioned in the upper left edge of the screen, even that's not where I placed it, BUT when I used the physical lock button the launch button retains the position where I've put it.

is This a bug or not??? because I'm just annoyed of repositioning it again and again.. :)

iTechy21 Moderator note: thread title edited to update it

When I'm opening camera app (by icon, CC and lockscreen), it frequently hangs the display... I mean when the launch animation ends... It will hangs in the first view seen by the lens. but when I press shutter, it will be fixed after the animation ends...... but sometimes not... It need to be relaunch to be fixed...

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

1..... positioning bug in LockScreen Music Controls..... (When earpod pluged in ang bluetooth connected) (Speaker change)

2..... LockScreen camera slider and Control center stocks in the position when screen turns off while they are currently sliding.

3..... Banner notification in Lockscreen Landscape _ unfitted...

4..... (Commented below)

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

How to bring back "Respring Switch" in General Settings. Like in WD 6.... Because its the shorter way to respring than tapping "Apply Changes" in configurator ang "Uicache" in ATM.... I downt want to download respring tweak in cydia....

Amateur Developers / Put ATM + Appstore on home screen - WD7.1 MOD
« on: June 11, 2014, 10:56:56 AM »
I just bring back the official Appstore in springboard and change the ATM icon
Just extract the 4 files ( modified info.plist + icon.png and modified info.plist + NEWLY Created/Replicated icon.png) in their corresponding path inside the rar.

Big Credits to sir Carlo Fabon of Whited00r Philippines for perfect ATM icon replication from WD7.0
Another Big Credits to Sir Bruan for the tutorial in plist editing.

how can I bring back the official appstore in springboard with its original icon?? and how can I put ATM with its own WD7.0 icon (color orange I think) and Labeled as ATM or AppTimeMachine?? And can some body give me the ATM icon?? :) Thanks I need tutorial... hehe

whats this??

there is a word (null) in the music bar (ipod Controls) in lockscreen..... can you fix it or just tell me how to fix by myself....... thanks

[Share] My Assistive Touch Mod...... Simple but will make WD's Assitive Touch more closer to Apple's Assitive Touch
1. 75% more Transparent Launch Button to make your screen looks cleaner...
2. Button are labelled to make it much closer to the original.
3. Center Dot Button is replaced by Device icon..
How to install
1. Download and install iTools in your PC.
2. Connect your WD powered iDevice to PC.
3. Go to FileSystem > Filesystem (Jailbreaked) > Library.
4. Look for TouchAssistant folder and Export it to your PC. (For Back up Purposes only) *Optional*
5. In Library folder paste the TouchAssistant Folder located at the Attached rar file... Replace the old one
6. In your iDevice , go to Whited00r Settings and Respring...

how to make the blur background of assistive touch change to semi transparent??

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

Hi...... one of my groupmate in Whited00r Philippines is having a trouble with his iPhone 3G WD7.1, when he download Safari Download Manager, his safari constantly crashing and unable to open. He tell us that he already download different versions of SDM in different repos.... so my question is, Is SMD compatible for WD7.1 ?? if yes can you give us the repo source of the compatible version or the deb file?? and if no..... what is the best alternative for it??? :)

Thank you.....!! Hope you help us...... :D

Will Apple Earpod with Remote and mic AUDIO will work on iPod Touch 1G??? I know that the remote and mic will not work..... I'm just asking for the AUDIO, will it work fine??? thanks!

First Batch

1. The video app and music app title bar is off centered.

2. The set and cancel button box in setting wallpaper is sometimes missing.

3. The set lockscreen, set homescreen, set both and cancel button in setting wallpaper has an ugly look.

4. The arrow and trash button in the bottom of the photo app when browsing photos is slightly ugly.

5. The minimize/maximize button in video app is hard to press because of wrong size.

6. The assitive touch button is always in the top left edge even I place it anywhere ( but Im very thankful to this tweak )

7. The preference app or the settings app is crashing sometimes. Ex. When I am in wd settings and setting wallpaper.

8. The charging indicator in homescreen has a black bar in top and bottom of the png. 

My opinion for WD7.1
WD7.1 has many graphics bug. WD7.0 is much better in terms of graphics. 


WD 7.1 need to copy the iOS7.1 new UI.... here's the copy of the changes.....

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